Do you think France's rule regarding different treatment of companies with 49 and fewer employees is fair to the workers?

  • Regulatory Rules Should Vary with Company Size

    Workers who find France's new rules unfair should consider looking for employment in larger companies if they find these rules burdensome. If France chooses begin to enforce the creation of worker councils, profit sharing, and potential restructuring on these smaller businesses, it will further cripple the French economy. Politicians across the globe should stop pandering for votes by imposing more and more rules that cripple businesses that create jobs and grow GDP.

  • I think France has the right to differentiate companies

    Yes it is logic that France is having different quotas for the census of company employees. Smaller and bigger companies don't have the same costs, and they should not pay the same in taxes either. It is important to have different levels of size for taxes and/or legal purposes in the way we operate work.

  • Yes, smaller businesses deserve to be treated according to their size.

    Smaller businesses (those with 49 or less employees,) often find it exceedingly difficult to compete against large businesses. This is because larger businesses tend to have monopoly like powers over markets. Examples of this include gas, mobile phones and many other industries. This power allows them to drive new and potentially very successful and often more environmentally and socially viable businesses out of the market through mass production and excessive marketing campaigns. France in this legislation takes one step to create a fairer market place.

  • Every Company Has Struggles

    Most corporations don't set out to provide their employees with as little as possible. Most companies want to be seen as good places to work, because today, customer service and employee satisfaction are things that go viral on the Internet. If a corporation isn't doing right by its employees, the employees can form a union or strike, regardless of the corporation's size. It's unfair to judge a corporation only by its size, because we don't know the individual circumstances of the company.

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