Do you think freedom from poverty is a fundamental human right?

Asked by: fawny
  • Yes, fundamental right,

    If fundamental right is provided to the poor , the poverty in India will be vanished. All people in India will become happy. The thief problem in India will become minimum, as some thief steal only for money . If the poverty in India will be vanished , the thief will has no need to steal. They will get enough things which are needed to lead a common life will be granted.

  • All People Deserve a Safety Net

    I believe that it is necessary for there to be an adaptive safety mechanism in order to protect people from becoming completely destitute. This will ensure that people get the care they require; poor children should get free schooling and meals whilst alcoholics should be rehabilitated. All adults should be taught basic financial literacy and some form of welfare will always be necessary. People deserve to have their dignity intact no matter what mistakes they have made in the past. Freedom from poverty is critical to the continuation of basic human dignity.

  • Sometimes, people just don't learn.

    While it's ll well and good to look at the starving kids in Africa and say that they all deserve to be free from poverty, there are some people in this world that are impoverished for their own mistakes. These mistakes can go from alcoholism to lifetime imprisonment due to murder, but there are some people that just shouldn't be given anymore money until they clean up their act.

  • The obvious answer is not so obvious to some. Apparently.

    Im just trying to figure out why there is enough people who think it is a human right that it ends up as a topic of discussion. In the US poverty is when we are not living the standard of comfort that most have grown to expect here and if someone has more it is their obligation to share with the "less fortunate" as they are called. Truth is most of the less fortunate in the US are really just less motivated. I've been living below the poverty line most my life and worked hard jobs with long hours to get myself above that. Not because I was told I was poor. Because I wanted more for my kids than I had growing up.

    As far as international poverty Did people in Sierra Leon considered themselves impoverished before we came along and told them so? Back in the day living conditions like some South African countries was not called poverty. It was called living. We have standards of comfort here that we are accustomed to and believe its human right to live this way. Don't think that the lifestyle will last forever. When it's gone is it our human right to take it from those that are unwilling through law and ultimately by force to claim our rights to it? Should we help people that are impoverished at home or abroad when we have more? Absolutely we should. Out of kindness of our hearts but forcing those to help that have more only because they have more is not a basic right nor is it right to do so.

    As far as helping families here and helping to providing things like food, water, shelter with taxes is good. Providing them with better standards of comfort should be done by establishing policy that brings jobs home for more to earn a living. Whether it's limiting ridiculous cap and trade style penalties and regulations or offering tax incentives for returning outsourced jobs. It also might help to try fixing our below average education system. Maybe our kids could have a chance with proper educations through public schools. Not that it's a right but with so much spent on school systems and how much teachers are making in states like California how are we below international averages on testing? Paying teachers more hasn't worked so what now? Should it not be a competitive job market? Where money is earned? Those with the best results achieve the highest ranks and pay and keep their job. With what we spend don't we expect better? We expect this from politicians or they don't keep their job next term but not our schools employees? It won't eradicate poverty but it's a start.

    Those that believe taking from others that earn more certainly have the fundamental human right to live below their own standards and out of kindness can give half their earnings away to provide more comfort for those who earn less but will you? Have you?

  • Not a Right

    Freedom from poverty is not a fundamental human right. A fundamental human right is the liberty to extricate oneself from poverty. Arbitrary restrictions on the hourly wage one can accept for example, violate a persons fundamental right to pursue employment of his or her choice. But it cannot be a fundamental human right to impose costs on other fellow humans.

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