Do you think freedom of the press exist in Egypt?

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  • Normal To Hold Back

    I believe it is difficult for the press to cover violence in the first place because there is a risk of death for those seeking the correct information. It is normal for governments to restrict press in times where there is mounting conflict. Given Egypt's recent track record I'm sure the freedom of press is being restrained at this point.

  • They have to be careful.

    No, I do not think that freedom of the press exists in Egypt, because they are killing Christians left and right in that country. Egypt has become more extreme than they were when they had a dictator. If a person says something Christian or moderate, they will be killed right away.

  • Freedom of the press exist in Egypt

    Even though times are changing all over the world I still do not believe that Freedom of the press exists in Egypt. I think that they are very careful about what they want to print and not print at this time in the world and so they continue to control that right.

  • No, freedom of the press does not exist in Egypt

    I do not believe that there is such a thing as freedom of the press in a country like Egypt. I think that such a nation is way too old fashioned and dictated by that of religion to ever condone something like freedom of the press in their country and society.

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