Do you think French Economist Jean Tirole deserved to win the 2014 Nobel Prize?

  • Yes He Did

    I do think that the French Economist Jean Tirole deserved to win the 2014 Nobel Prize. He did a lot of good and accurate predicting about the economy along with ways in helping it out. Along with that, the pirze has to be voted on so if he won it, he deserved it.

  • Yes, his work merits the nobel prize awarded to him

    Jean Tirole is a French Economist regarded as "one of the most influential of our time" by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences" who awarded him the 2014 nobel prize. He has published outstanding work in a number of fields, but notoriously in the fields of market regulation, monopolies and the technology industry. His analysis of market regulation that won him the nobel prize presents a well-structured and rather articulate view of industries with oligopolic and monopolic structures, which allows us to better understand and thus be able to regulate these industries where few firms operate, causing socially undesirable results from the lack of regulation or the need to enforce stronger regulation to curb or restrict their level of power or influence in any given economy.

  • By Conceptual Support Monopolies Tirole's Theory Hurts Consumers

    Though Tirole's theory is interesting and deserves further research, it seems to ignore the consumer factor. Theorizing that extending monopolies can be a good thing for both companies and employees, he lays an ideological groundwork to argue that monopolies in the market place are "good". His work, in essence, supports a contraction of competition in the marketplace; which in turn could lead, unneeded and unjustified, product price inflation at the consumer level.

  • No, Jean Tirole did not deserve to win

    Theory without practical evidence should never win the Nobel prize. If his theories were worth anything, they would be put into use. How great is the French economy, because of his theories? The Nobel will allow him to keep dreaming up useless theories, without getting his hands dirty in the real world.

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