• Just your average animated Disney film

    How this movie got the immense admiration it received puzzles me. For a kid's movie, Frozen had numerous elements that did not make sense. The song "Let it Go" is overrated; the celebratory tone of self-acceptance is out of context: Elsa's bid for liberation is deciding she must remain a recluse and she doesn't change in any significant way.

  • Frozen? Ha Ha

    No One Likes Frozen. Not To Mention A Bunch Of Subliminal Messages And Stupid Songs. Frozen Is For Three Year Olds And Little Babies That Wear Costumes And Hold Olaf Dolls Wherever You Go! In California Each Day I See At Least One Kid Wearing A Costume or One Person Singing The Song, It's Outrageous!

  • Yees it is

    Frozen is a nice movie, but it is nowhere near as great as Aladdin, or Mulan. Mulan is so great. I mean people are talking about how frozen is groundbreaking.... That is just ridiculous. It is good, and has a great message for little girls and boys, but it really is overrated.

  • True shiz right there

    It's basically a disney movie that shows the true facts of life. Like wow, finally a movie with some true facts of life...Clap for yourself Disney productions. For me it's so goddamn annoying when all your friends ruin free-time with stupid frozen songs and act like six year olds.It was even boring and was only hype due to the child's imagination and awe of the movie.

  • It's just the fans

    Okay look, I am not saying Frozen is bad but what I am saying is that all the hype is not needed. From what I can tell is that it is about a 50/50 ratio of those who like frozen and those who don't. This has then lead to both sides arguing heavy a d causing a lot of fuss. This has gotten Frozen a lot of popularity, regardless of whether or not the film is any good so no it doesn't deserve it's popularity...

  • Very, very overrated.

    Its just a musical movie with a setting, characters, a plot, etc. just like every other movie. In my opinion Frozen isn't even that great. Yet its so spread throughout media and merchandise you almost can't go anywhere without seeing it or having it be brought up. If it was actually a good movie, that would make more sense.

  • I like it.

    I read a post of the 'pro' side of this argument and I just laughed at the level of immaturity it possessed. Now, to my original statement, frozen was a good movie with a good message, though it may not be as good as the older Disney movies, it is still a good movie. I do agree that children sing the song too much, but that is because they like it. Just because you don't like the movie does not mean that "No One Likes Frozen."

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