Do you think games are suppose to be suspected as a drug? (currently in Korea)

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  • Games can become a culture, but it's just the way how the games and the society accept it.

    Games can become a culture. Games can be clearly defined by the combination of movies, music, animation, and other factors that shows the potential of becoming a culture (using battlefield 4, or other popular games that are currently on the market). Sadly, if any games actually encourages negative view of the world (drugs, violence, sexuality, etc), and people actually favorites it and choose to accept it in real life (and also ignores other beneficial things), then it can be defined as a "electronic" drug (currently used-term in China, but also used in a chemical way). But, if there is a games that influences others to have a team-work and have positive communication (lol for example), and influence other to the victory (like sports), how can it be that these can become the drugs that can change brain chemically, and directly?

    Then can it be that the society (or the government) are reasonable enough to put ALL games into one category and say it as drug? Not at all!

    Yes, some may argue that these examples are too specific (or irrelevant enough to actually support the headline), and some may also argue that some (not all)games should be viewed as drug, and I will agree that these may be reasonable too. I just want everyone to see that not all games are suppose, or can't be drugs that are dealed commonly all around the world. In fact, it's a two different world in a single universe isn't it?

  • Only if one were to consider every single action as a drug.

    Games only act like drugs because we enjoy them. That's the only similarity.
    Okay, you can make the argument that dopamine is released in the brain and that's the same thing cocaine does, but THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU ENJOY SOMETHING.
    It's a silly thing to say. People can get addicted to anything.

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