• If If Were Natural, It Would Function For Reproduction

    While heterosexual intercourse can serve the purpose of reproduction in the natural world, homosexual sexual activities cannot. In fact, they serve NO natural purpose, which by definition makes them unnatural. That's just logical reasoning. The only people who would dare to argue in the face of such sound logical reasoning are those who wish to promote an agenda which favors homosexuality.

  • As unnatural as left-handedness.

    To be unnatural is to be different from the norm. Without doubt, homosexuality is unnatural with respect to gender sexual preference. A vast majority of mammals and other sexually reproducing animals are heterosexual, not to mention the utility that heterosexual reproduction has in biology.

    Of course, "unnatural" is not in anyway synonymous with "bad". Being unnaturally smart is a generally good trait. Homosexuality affects no one, and cannot be changed. Homosexuals deserve the same rights as everyone else.

    That being said, I still encourage heterosexual sex over homosexual sex if possible, because of the obvious reproductive and gene pool broadening effects it has.

  • Yes Of Course

    Of course it's unnatural. That does not mean that there is anything wrong with it. For the same reason that peeing your pants is unnatural; pants aren't meant to be peed on, but when you accidentally do, it's probably not your choice. Thus, nothing is wrong with it. LGBT don't choose to engage in that kind of intercourse from birth, so when the time comes there is nothing wrong with it, despite how unnatural it is.

  • It diminishes the whole point of sex

    The entire point of sex is to reproduce, and gay sez doesn't do that. Therefore it is very unnatural. It can cause infection and is sometimes impossible. I mean just look at it. Our bodies are built in a special way to have sex with the other gender. Gay/lesbian sex doesn't follow that principle.

  • It is unnatural

    If we look at the definition of unnatural, we see that it says existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. If we look at the definition of nature we see that it says, the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations. "as opposed to humans" means that it does not occur in humans naturally. Therefore we can deduce that homosexuality is not natural in humans. You can claim that it is in various different animal species but that still does not make it natural in humans,

  • Biologically it doesn't make sense

    If one was to study human sex organs you would see how they are built for reproduction. Vaginal canal at perfect pH to accommodate sperm. Testicals lowered from body to keep sperm at correct temperature. And i have just touched surface with such wonders of how the human body works.

  • Yes, it does not produce children.

    Yes, gay/lesbian sex is unnatural, because it is not biology's way of producing children. The purpose of sex from a biology standpoint is to reproduce. With homosexual sex, this does not happen. It can also be damaging to a male, or possibly cause infection to a female, if foreign objects are used. This is not to by sympathetic to homosexuals, but is not the way biology intended it.

  • Regaurdless of sex people make love

    People whether male, female or anything in between should be allowed to make love of course being consentual love making if they so wish. It is completely unfair to state anything else if a human being has sexual attraction towards another human then what gives anyone any right to argue with that ?

  • By definition, no.

    "Natural" is defined as existing in nature. Since there are a thousand or so other species that exhibit homosexual behavior and sex, there is no rational way to call homosexual intercourse "unnatural".

    This silly argument is usually used by religious conservatives as a way to demonize groups they just plain don't like. When questioned on the issue, you usually find out they just plain think it's "icky" themselves, thus the prejudice.

  • Just as natural as heterosexuality

    Homosexuality possesses just as much as merit as heterosexuality. Within the animal kingdom it is blatantly obvious that relations among members of the same sex is far from bizarre. Over 1500 species take part in homosexual behavior, most notably the bonobo. The entire species is bisexual, sex, regardless of the recipient, is a means of pacification when a confrontation arises. Reproduction is NOT the ONLY goal of sex, there are others. Depending on the exact species, uses may include an ability to resolve issues, commodity for trade and bartering, or a display of dominance, among others. Sex is a distinct quality, it cannot be used synonymously with gender. Sex refers to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the human, as opposed to gender, which the subjective reflection and mental perception of ones self based on the sex. This binary relationship can lead to more than just two possibilities; therefore we cannot condemn anyone for perceiving themselves in such a manner that they would desire sex with a member of their own sex who reciprocates such feelings.

  • Natural/Unnatural are irrelevant

    Everything occurs in nature so therefore everything is natural. So we can't use natural/unnatural to determine right and wrong. These are terms of abuse that people use to push their agendas for or against this or that thing. Saying X is natural or Y is unnatural as an argument in politics or in life should be banished.

  • No, in a liberal and democratic society it is not.

    I believe being gay is normal, gays or lesbians cannot and should not be viewed, judged or branded as freaks. I read an article in a newspaper which said something like gay rights activists do have a point when they say that in a free society what two individuals do in the privacy of their home should not be a matter of concern for anyone else as long as they are not indulging in any crime.

    As far as calling it unnatural is concerned, I don't understand how is it unnatural, is it a disease? And what baffles me is the fact that India has criminalized Gay sex. Which shows how conservative, and close minded we have become. We are being influenced by the right wing, which believes in social hierarchies and despotism.

    We are prisoners of so called, 'traditions', but we shouldn't be. As a society we must invent new traditions. It is better than causing a homosexual: lifelong pain and to live in denial.

  • Definition of unnatural:

    Not natural; going against nature; not found in nature. Did you know that male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality of any mammal? Bats, those fuzzy little flying things that live in the natural world and are considered part of nature. Gay/lesbian sex is just as natural as "straight" sex.

  • Look at dolphins/penguins/etc

    Gay sex happens in multiple species besides humans. If this is unnatural it would never happen in other species besides humans. Clearly this is not true as a simple Google search will lead you to scientific manuscripts with this information about homosexuality in other species. If you believe homosexuality is unnatural you are ignorant of the natural world around you.

  • Everything is nature

    Nature is always what happens regardless of anything you may think, technically even man made things have come naturally through the evolutionary development of our brains which gave us the mind power to make such things i the first place. Ergo everything that exists and happens is natural. Therefore, Homo sexual sex is perfectly natural, especially when the definition of sex is so vague. Example: Oral sex, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex and many many others.

  • People fear what they don't understand.

    Doctors and science people
    Have confirm is not a disorder or any illness.
    They have yet to know why but they saying most of them is born that way..Something happen by birth.
    Yes a few of them choice to label themselves that way
    But most didn't choice to be homosexual ...Most felt different as a child already.
    The all population is mostly straight Like 75 percent.
    The rest of the 25 percent is separated by bisexuality and homosexuality.
    Most people who were not actually straight live their life in the closet in the past...More are just in public now. That don't actually mean there's more homosexual people.... Its just they are more OUT of the closet now than before. Many are still in the closet.
    Real ...Homosexual is a very small percentage.
    The rest ....Are sexual fluid.
    They are just like everyone else the only difference they fall in love with the same sex.

  • It is not unnatural

    I don't think it is unnatural because we, as humans, are part of the nature so everything we do therefore must be natural. If everything around us (and we also) is part of the nature than anything we, as part of the nature in the natural environment, do therefore must be natural.

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