• As it does cause any harm to the society, gay marriage must be accepted.

    When two same sex couple marry each other, does it hurt the society? It does not. So why not accept gay marriage? They are human beings just like us, wishing to be happy. We are all equal whatever your sex orientation is. The law regarding marriage should not be limited to man and woman: it should be extended to everyone. All they want is to be accepted and treated like normal beings.

  • Should be accepted

    I'm christian but my lord leave these poor people alone! Let them love whoever they want! They arnt gonna burn in hell! Gosh just leave them alone! Even if the child doesn't have a mom and a dad they're still happy! Families are families no matter what family it is.

  • Gay marriage is becoming a part of life

    Yes, I believe that gay marriage should be accepted. It is becoming a part of life that can not be ignored for long. Even if it is not accepted it will not just go away if you don't look at it. A person should have right to marry whom they want and not have of fear being ridiculed or not accepted.

  • Yes, gay marriage should be accepted.

    Gay marriage should be accepted by everyone. Gay marriage is not a religious issue. Gay marriage is a civil rights issue. Preventing gay marriage is no different than racism. We are segregating a group of people based on their sexual orientation. This is a gross abuse to the civil rights of these people.

  • It should be

    Beacuse who does it hurt? It's been proven that states with allowance of same sex marriage have lower divorce rates, and gay teens are less likely to attempt suicide. Who saysthat gay should not be happy as well? They are people just like the straight, the bisexual, the gays, and the pansexual.

  • Yes, Because They Strengthen Society

    Marriages are good for society. They increase social stability, and provide better
    environments for young children. Married people are more productive, probably
    because their lives hold fewer distractions and they have more bills to pay. The
    married are less likely to get arrested, so presumably they commit fewer crimes.
    And studies show married people live longer. Governments should encourage
    marriage, including gay marriage, because married people tend to be better
    citizens, and strengthen their societies.

  • Hell yes it should.

    There's no reason why it shouldn't be, the only people that tend to oppose are Christians that use the bible as an excuse, or people that hate gay's for no reason. It doesn't hurt anyone, and in my opinion, there's no reason why it should've been illegal in the first place.

  • Gay marriage should be accepted.

    Gay marriage should be accepted. I think anyone that wants to get married should be able to without worrying about what the government thinks about it. Gay people just want the same legal rights that everyone else gets when they get married. If you care about someone enough then you should be allowed to provide for them.

  • Gay Marriage is good

    I think that gay marriage should be legalized by all states or that there should be a federal decree to legalize it. These people are not hurting anyone and they just want to express their love through a marriage certificate. Religion, personal preference, or bias should not come into acccount. Legalize it.

  • Gays have the right to be as happy..or misserable as everyone else

    I don't see why it's such a social issue in this day and age about who some chooses to love. Live and let live, and let people do what they want to do in their private lives. While I think pride parades go a little too far, gay people have the same right to 3 years of happiness and misery for the rest of their lives as everyone else.

  • Gay marriage should not be accepted.

    God created all humans. He created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, he created Adam and Eve not Ada and Eve in other words, he never supported homosexuals infact he is highly against it.So I see no reason why we humans that he created turn around to be going against law. Was there anywhere in the bible that two people of the same sex married each other?

  • It is disgusting and filthy.

    Everyone who accepts gay marriage are all throwing things at us and making us look like we are the bad ones for not accepting. Okay so the main reasons people dont support it like me, are because of man and woman and reproducing. And the main reasons the people who do accept it throw at us is that love is love. Can you see whats wrong here? I can. People like me are just stating the obvious okay. Gay people make it look like its okay and that it will become a trend, the risk of STIs and sexual diseases are so much bigger and the more gay couples the less we are reproducing. I hate when you people treat us like we are so wrong. Well we think you are wrong. If you can have your disgusting opinions , then so can we. It's filthy and its wrong.

  • What about the Bible?

    Does anyone remember what GOD has said about being gay. He said you shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven. The bible never changes, but we seem to interpret it in many ways. I believe in God and the bible and that I think is what is wrong with America, is that we are losing our moral values. This country was founded on religious beliefs. Why have we changed?

  • You are lying on your self when you saying that you are desiring the same sex of you

    It is entirely unacceptable totally un understandable
    but it is being more common between the Christians because because they no more believe in god , and be attention i said christian no Muslims because it is never been or will be not common like even someone accept it because we confirm our faith by deeds , but not Christians because they think they can go to heaven by believe only ,I think we have to understand one thing that when we do good deeds it is not only because we think it`s guide us to heaven it is also we are being thankful to god to creator for the grace that he gave us it is a really long subject but let me end it with some words
    Eventually you are going against your lust when you do that god created Adm and iv he did not create Adm and Steve , but this is not the point the point is god did not put in you the desire for the same sex of you (proof of my talk go to biology study about the gens you will come up with that your gens has nothing to do with you lust you do not have lust for the same sex you are going against god against your desire against your lust against your natural
    allow me to simple it to you

  • It's fine to be gay

    It is fine, by legal and Christian law to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, or pansexual. The problem we protest is the marriage of two same sex persons. Everyone is called to absolute chastity, the only exception is sex within a marriage between two opposite sex people. In this case sex is a beautiful action oriented towards procreation and union of two people. The family is meant to be a symbol of love in the world, procreating love that teaches and spreads to others. Love does not equal marriage, romance, or sex. Love is wanting what's best for the other person, and heaven is the single best goal you could ever reach. Every relationship is meant to increase our ability to bring others to heaven, while also bringing ourselves closer to heaven. People can have meaningful and loving relationships outside of marriage and romance, anyone called to the single life could tell you that, or you could ask the asexual part of the lgbtqia group.

  • Legal or Accepted?

    Forcing me to accept something that is against my religious convictions is in fact denying my civil rights....Or have we forgotten about religious liberties. Very few if any of us have the civil rights we deserve or earned so get over it! Our country focuses on the wrong issues. We are ALL losing basic Constitutional rights.....Wake up people!!!!
    Respect and Acceptance are sorely confused.

  • I will not accept it

    I will not accept sin in any form. Drug addicts child molesterers rapist etc. Sin is sin and God wants no sin. Jesus shed His blood as a sacrifice for sinners (us). Wake up Christians this gay stuff is knocking Jesus out and letting the devil in. Blessed are we who stand up for our Lord. May He bless us and this country

  • Not normal for humans

    The human population may cease to exist because of this problem. It will continue to grow. There must be a scientific explanation as to why this happens to an individual, because procreation can't happen with your own sex. If it was normal then humans wouldn't exist unless they were on the TV show Star Trek. Question: Can a male dog procreate with another male dog? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!! Why is this even in question? WHY is it that NOW we accept this as normal? This mutation is only being accepted during recent human development and mostly because of politics. If the whole world was gay, humans would die. The solution is not giving in, it's finding a cure.

  • I don't support gay marriage

    I don't support it because it strictly prohibits it in the Bible. It is an abomination. Homosexuals need to accept Jesus into their heart. People need to stop supporting them because they are making matters worse. People need to grow up and read the Holy Bible. People are very rude to people who don't support gay rights

  • God's way is best, He made & loves us!

    I also think this question is poorly framed, do you mean "legalized" or just accepted? Meaning we all say "That's cool, I am fine with that". I'd like to hear from the OP and clear that up, but since I don't know the intent, I have to vote NO now.

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