• Gays Deserve Marriage

    Like heterosexual couples, gay couples deserve the option to get married, should they choose to do so. Gay marriage is becoming legal in more and more states each year. No goverment should prevent this segment of the population from getting married. Marriage is a right that everyone deserves, and laws shouldn't prevent that.

  • They definitely should

    Even thoug I am a catholic and my religion is against gay marriage, technically, I personally have no issue at all with gay couples getting married. As long as they are truly in love with each other and definitely want it to last forever, then personally, my hat is off to them.

  • Gay People Should Be Allowed to Marry

    Yes, gay people should be allowed to marry. Homosexual couples experience the same sort of love that heterosexual couples experience. Their love is equal and should be treated as such. Since heterosexual couples are able to display their love in marriage, so too should homosexual couples. Thus, gay people should be allowed to marry.

  • Yes, I think gay people should get married.

    In my opinion all people have the right to marry and live as a joined couple. I believe that it is the will of nature that two people should stand together as one for love and support and family. People should marry; LGBT are letters that stand for adjectives, and adjectives do not marry. However nouns do marry and PEOPLE are nouns. So people should marry in my opinion.

  • Everyone Deserves Happiness

    In contemporary society, there is no excuse for a lack in equal rights for all. Everyone deserves the same methods for pursuing life, liberty and happiness. Gay people should be able to get married just the same as everyone else. Everyone has the right to live, eat, breathe and make money just the same, so why not marriage?

  • Yes, I do

    There are legal benefits that married couples get that unmarried couples cannot. This includes civil unions. Civil unions are not an equal "compromise" because they objectively, factually do not provide the same rights. You can cite beliefs all you'd like, but at the end of the day being against gay marriage is telling gays they are inferior and don't deserve what heterosexuals do.

  • Gay people should get married.

    If gay people want to get married, they should be able to do so. Marriage is an important civil right and all people should be able to practice it. There is no reason to discriminate against people just because of their sexual orientation. Gay people should have equal rigths with other people.

  • We don't live in the olden times anymore.

    Reproducing and having sex isn't something we need to do anymore, the planet has grown enough.

    I understand why people years ago might have been against homosexuality, but we live in a modern world where we are open to new and more controversial ideas, we can't just shy away from it and pretend it's not there anymore. Gay and lesbian relationships are always going to be in society, we should accept that.

    We call ourselves a modern world, let's start acting like one.

  • Gays should not be married

    Everyone has the right to like the person they like, but gays also cross the line sometimes. Gay people should do whatever they want but in the privacy of their own homes. There is no need to be exhibiting themeselves in public. This question is for the male readers; do you like seeing two guys kissing? The answer is probably no. Also, gay people show direct acts of disrespect to the catholic church. For example, there is picture of 2 gay men kissing in front of a cathedral. How disrespectful is that?!?!?!?! If they are going to act gay, they should at least do it in a place were they are not disrespecting somebody's religion.

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