Do you think gender differences in learning are a good reason for same-sex schools?

  • If you like someone of the author gender and there in your class

    You wont focused as well if your in love with a person you will focused on them not you work. You cant focused on your work as well. Your thinking of you true love not your work. Nothing you you do on your is what you are really thinking about on your work.

  • People progress differently

    Different gender schooling should be the status quo for children below high school age, and people above that age would likely benefit from them as well. The different genders progress at different rates, meaning that teachers have to teach to a far wider developmental range than simply a single gender classroom.

  • Yes, at certain ages especially.

    Differences in learning styles between the sexes are certainly one good reason for their being same sex schools at certain ages in children's lives. There is also the flirtation that drives girls to try to seem less smart than they really are and that is another reason why a single sex school can help girls to achieve.

  • It's just another excuse.

    I personally happen to think that gender differences are yet another excuse, along with race and economic status, to excuse kids who just don't learn as the same rate as others. Instead of focusing on groups and how to handle them, our educators should offer more individualized instruction to help our students succeed.

  • Everyone should be taught and treated equal in schools.

    Education should be the same across the board regardless of gender. In the real world there are not different training manuals at a job to train a man versus a woman. Everyone is the same and is trained the same at a job. School, especially high school, is suppose to be the last chance to prepare kids before they go off to college and have to live in the real world where they will be side by side with the opposite gender.

  • Gender differences are not significant.

    No, gender differences in learning are not a good reason for same-sex schools, because gender differences alone are not significant enough that they require segregation based on gender. There are many other good reasons to explore same-sex education, but learning differences are not the reason. Same-sex schooling should be based on fewer disruptions in the classroom.

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