Do you think gender education is still too much of a sensitive subject in our schools?

  • Why spend our time on that?

    Yes, I think that gender education is still too much of a sensitive subject in our schools, because it is not something that we need to be spending great amounts of time on in school. We can cover the suffrage movement and the 19th amendment in a factual way. But we need reading and math more than we need gender equality.

  • No, children should have the right to such education.

    I feel that gender education is an essential part of a student's education and that they have the basic human right to knowledge about who they are in regards to the opposite sex. Denying such information to students would be harmful to their understanding of very basic human traits and would make such knowledge more confusing for them later in life.

  • Gender education necessary

    Gender education is very necessary in the world today it educates young kids on how to deal with a different gender. This bring more knowledge and awareness to kids and young adults of all ages so that certain topics can be covered and questions can be validated and answered. To me it is not a sensitive topic at all.

  • It Shouldn't Be

    I believe gender education should be part of the education provided in our schools. A course that teaches health topics, sex education, or biology could easily cover this topic. I think it is important to give this information to students so they can get it in a straight forward, non-biased way.

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