Do You Think Gender Equality Is Possible?

Asked by: t.a
  • It can be possible.

    When the British colonists declared independence from England, they had never done that before. It had been one way of doing things for hundreds of years and some of the colonists thought that separating was impossible. But look at us today, America is a thriving nation with such a diverse society. America was founded on the impossible. America became something new. It didn't take over night but it was achieved. America from the beginning was a nation of very different people who came together for what they believed in. I believe America can come together again and fight. For without equality, mankind will eventually crush each other.

  • Discrimination is pretty much done

    I do not know what the guy above me is talking about, I do not think that girls and guys have to wear the same clothes to insure equality (I am never wearing a dress.) I think it is just a bunch of B.S. That women do not have the same rights as men in America. Maybe statistically, men have more jobs and better jobs, however women all are eligible for the same jobs. E.G.: Hilary Clinton for president and Oprah Winfrey happens to be a billionaire. Although less common than men, Forbes list includes many other female billionaires present in our society. The reason behind women lacking these executive positions is not because incapability, but it does not interest them the way it does men. Men are more interested towards reaching financial success than women because naturally, men are created to provide for his family. Naturally, a women is created to bear children and care for them. No one loves their child as much as a mother and no one can care for them the same way.

  • Eliminate all discrimination

    Eliminate all discrimination. Just as we moved on from gender specific postings we need to eliminate most clothing being marketed to one gender exclusively. No more "girly girls". No more tasks that men will not perform since they are viewed as "woman's work". Eliminate topless restrictions for women as well as men. When all people become people without labels we shall all be equal.

  • They are biologically different.

    In all animal species, males and females perform different activities. They are made by nature in such a way that they complete each other. If one is harsh then other is caring. If one is beautiful then other is strong. I see no point in male and female becoming equal. Both are needed in their respective position for the world to work. I see no problem coming into picture unless one gender starts stating what I do is more important and what you do is not.

  • To much bias

    Gender inequality is something that is ingrained into the collective human Psyche, and , as wonderful as it would be , I seriously doubt we can overcome millions of years of evolution. It is an Ideal that can be approached, but only in ever shrinking amounts, and therefore never achieved

  • Gender equality is a dream that can never be reached.

    Gender equality would be entirely beneficial for all of society, no more sexism and equal rights. However, this is more impossible that it sounds. As long as there is always that stereotype of a man being the strong one in the family, who works, who has to earn a living for the entire family, and then there is the woman, the one who stays at home, the one who cleans, the one who cooks, the one who never has as hard a day as the man, gender equality can never be reached. This stereotype holds back society, for as long as women are seen as the inferior sex (which is incorrect as women can be just as good as men are), there can never be gender equality in the world.

  • Maybe in the far future.

    In today's society, females are fighting for equality in their everyday life. In their work they have to fight for equal pay, in society they have to fight for their rights, etc. No matter how many people voice their opinion on gender equality, very little is done. In order for equality to be possible, women need to be treated as equals.

    Posted by: t.a
  • Everyone has his/her own mind

    Everyone thinks differently and it's impossible for everyone to agree on one thing. As sad as it is, I don't think there will every be gender equality because there will always be people battling for their gender and thinking it's better than the other. If gender equality was possible, it would've happened by now.

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