Do you think gender equality philosophies that focus only on one gender (i.E. Feminism and the MRM) to be stupid an/or hypocritical?

Asked by: Gustav_Adolf_II
  • You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    Seeing as women are considered equal to men by law I see the feminist or mrm philosophy as blaming the opposite gender of prejudice and ill-treatment or focusing solely on issues regarding their own gender. Boys are bullied and expected to fulfill a role laid out by society or their parents the same as girls. To me, the solution isn't to harass, blame or beg the opposite sex for change, but have healthy discussions within ones own community and to raise ones children adhering to whatever preferred philosophy one thinks is best. Anything else is divisive and destructive, which to me, is the opposite of trying to achieve equality.

  • You can't solve gender inequality by focusing on the issues of one.

    For this reason I am a humanist. Unless the flame war between MRA and feminism stops and they work together, they are just as bad as one another.
    There is no point in trying to fix entitlements of men and stereotypes of women if the opposite isn't sorted too.

  • Feminism focuses on gender equality for EVERYONE. Please do your research before posting something on the internet

    First of all, feminism doesnt just fofus on women, it focuses on all genders and giving them equal rights. It does not mean that women should be the dominate gender, or that males shoukd be above women, it simply states that everyone should be treated equal. Next time get your facts straight..

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