Do you think George Strait deserved to win Entertainer of the Year?

  • I love George

    If anyone has ever deserved this award, that one is mister George Strait, who I've been fan of for many years. I think that George has everything an entertainer must have: he is an extremely talented and funny man, that knows how to connect with his audience and always say smart things.

  • Yes, I think Geroge Strait deserved to win Entertainer of the year.

    I think that George Strait is a very talented musician and has put out a number of very popular songs this year and is well deserving of entertainer of the year, while there are many artists who have managed the same I think the judges gave everyone a fair evaluation before picking him.

  • He is the King of Country.

    Yes, I thin that George Strait deserved to win Entertainer of the Year, because he has accomplished such a great deal. He is not only an amazing country singer, but he is also a producer. He has sold millions of albums. His popularity has lasted a long time and his award is well deserved.

  • No he didn't

    No he didn't he is not that great at all. Maybe to a country music fan he is. I think Taylor Swift or someone else had won. The only Country music artists that really deserve to win are Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, and Willie Nelson they have been in the business the longest. This new fangled country music is not good at all.

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