Do you think George W. Bush was a good president?

  • People Have Been WAY TOO HARD on Him

    People (especially liberals) have blamed all our countries problems on George Bush because he made some mistakes and our country was already currently going through a difficult time. But hey! At least he did a better job than Obama! Now, with Obama in the presidency, (now for another four miserable years) he has tripled our debt, raised taxes, and instead of bringing "change for the better" he brought "change for the worse" and yet people are too blind to see that because the liberals keep quiet about any of his mistakes (quite the opposite with George W. Bush) and praise him ceaselessly. Ugh.

  • He did the best he could.

    While he made some obvious mistakes, I feel he had our country's best interest in mind. He had to deal with the biggest crisis our nation ever faced in the September 11th terrorist attacks. I don't think many of us would have handled the situation any better if we were in his shoes.

  • He was sex

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  • What would you have done in his shoes?

    Under George W. Bush, the United States' relationship with Israel was at its finest. Need I remind you, Obama's relationship with Israel is shady and unstable. While today our troops do not get a fraction of the respect they deserve, Bush's presidency exemplified the respect an American president should have for our troops. Did Obama show respect for our troops when he left 4 American men to die in Benghazi? And for those who say Bush has no "defining moment" to his legacy as President, did you know that he was first informed of the 9/11 attacks in front of a classroom of first-graders? When you are told of the most devastating terrorist attack to ever take place on American soil, in front of a group of little children, how would you handle that? It seems to me that most of the things Bush is blamed for were disasters beyond his control. If Obama had to endure the events Bush did, I highly doubt he would be considered such an amazing president.

  • He was awesome

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  • He made bad decisions.

    He sent hundreds of U.S soldiers to Iraq, and why? There was no actual reason. If your going to put people into a war, a least have a good reason. Also, he said that the terrorist threat would actually decrease after the war, in reality all it did was increased.

  • Two wars, Money problems, and again what all republican president do give tax break to the rich, this guy gave two

    Mr. Bush didn't the slight idea what he was doing???? He surrounded himself with people whom he trust and drift too far right, with the help of individuals who were looking out for their own vice president, sec of state, and others. Just like his own man, he got deep pockets in the middle east, and his own self interest. I guess he was thinking about the all men and women who put in harm way, when he himself, was fly planes over Texas and not Vietnam.

  • He Got the US Into debt issues

    In the Beginning of the bush regime, The US government had a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus (Source: Politifacts.Com) that was inherited from the Clinton regime, At the end of his two terms in office, bush had accumulated over 10 trillion dollars in debt. Bush also got the US into two wars in the middle east.

  • Totally forgettable president

    Presidents usually try to make some major change for the good of the county, and it defines their legacy. For Obama, it's Obamacare. We'll see soon whether he is remembered as a failure or a genius. Bush left office with 2 wars, and a mountain of debt. He's going to go down in history with Polk and Hoover as one of the worst presidents in history.

  • Bush was the worst president in my lifetime

    Bush was a terrible President from day one when he was able to get into office from the recount battles in Florida until the end when he left the country in a state of financial ruin.

    Bush failed every time he was tested from 9 /11 to Kartina, He has kept a low profile with good reason American's don't care to remember his time in office.

  • We're still paying for his failings.

    While I hold Barack Obama responsible for his own failings, I also don't think we can forget the kind of situation that he inherited. George W. Bush started the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, turned a budget surplus into a budget deficit, and created the climate that led to the current financial crisis. He is responsible for much of our nation's current woes.

  • Two Costly Wars, Rising Deficits, Pandering to Rich

    George W. Bush failed for many reasons. Two costly and unnecessary wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, stagnant job growth, expansion of the federal government and a huge deficit were all the bane of Bush's eight years. How the man got re-elected is beyond me. Bush, a recovering alcoholic, had recurring daddy issues in the White House as he tried to prove he was better than his forebear.

  • No, he was easily lead astray.

    Two biggest mistakes: Afghanistan and Iraq. He could have taken out OBL surgically like removing benign cancer. Instead he heavily radiated the patient foregoing the whole purpose of the mission and creating a even worse situation. We will be paying for years for his not so great insight.

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