Do you think Georgia should export more (yes) or less (no) goods to Russia despite their recent border conflict?

  • Might as well trade.

    I think that Georgia should export more goods to Russia despite their recent border conflict, because Georgia might as well do what is in their best interests. Any good that Georgia might do by imposing restrictions is dwarfed by the business that other nations do with them. They need to look out for themselves.

  • Georgia should export more

    Lessening exports to Russia would hurt Geogia's economy. I assume Russia is Geogia's main export buyer, and by not continuing to trade with them, it would weaken Georgi'a econonmy, which would trickle down and weaken everything else in their country. They need to increase export, take whatever of Russia's money they can, and strengthen their country to allow themeselves to deter future attacks.

  • Try To Cooperate

    I believe Russia is doing what it can to protect its own interests. This includes securing certain pieces of land at this point. I believe Georgia should export more to Russia despite their recent border conflict. The lost some land but they shouldn't lose their connection to the economy at the same time.

  • They should export less to Russia.

    Georgia should export less to Russia to help the rest of the world put Russia on its knees. Vladimir Putin is getting out of control, plain and simple. He needs to know that no one--from the United States to Georgia--is going to put up with his nonsense any longer. He's not God and Russia isn't a superpower.

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