Do you think German Prime Minister Angela Merkel should rest more following her skiing accident?

  • Angela needs her rest!

    As a Prime Minister (female at that) you have a lot of responsibilities and obligations to uphold to your people of the country you are regulating, in this case Germany. After getting injured, she should definitely take the time needed to rest and recover from the skiing accident. If she was to jump back to everything too quickly, she could end up hurt again.

  • Yes I do.

    I do think that the German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel should have rested more after going through a skiing accident. I think that the accident was bad for her and when it comes to any injuries people should give themselves a large amount of rest. I think she should of waited longer.

  • She Needs a Rest

    German Prime Minister Angela Merkel needs to rest more after her skiing accident. She hurt her legs and should probably do more mending in her office in Berlin as opposed to traveling around the country. Merkel has had a rough couple of months after finding out the NSA spied on her.

  • Being a politician is not physically demanding.

    German Prime Minister Angela Merkel was fit enough to be skiing. This is not an activity for the lazy. It takes endurance and strength. Merkel hurt herself while skiing, and that is unfortunate. However, her responsibilities as PM do not magically get suspended because of this. The world still moves, with or without her. Her political influence is necessary, Her physical prowess is not. She should have considered that while skiing beyond her limits.

  • How she feels

    How much she does or does not rest is completely up to her and how she feels at the time. If she is not in to much pain and wants to go out then that is her choice, and it is not up to us to judge whether she should or not.

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