• Yes, I think so.

    Reading between the lines it seems that Germany will put up with the immigration so they can keep the EU dream alive, no one has benefitted more from the EU than the Germans. If it wasn't for the Euro the Deutsche mark would be so strong they wouldn't be able to export !And Spain, they need the EU to just stay alive. So understandable why these 2 countries feel that way.

  • I think the upcoming elections will show that the Germans favor populism.

    I would think that the Germans would have a deep mistrust of government because of Hitler. Maybe the Germans have been hiding these sentiments and it is only now, with the refugee crisis and the rise of right-wing politics, that the population will express their distaste for the way their country is being run.

  • No i disagree.

    No i disagree that German are most immune to populism ,According to new research by polling firm You Gov, of the larger European countries, Germany is by far the least prone to populism.The survey, seen exclusively by Die Welt, shows that around 18 percent of Germans are receptive to populist forms of politics.

  • They have growing populism.

    Populism has been growing in Europe for the last two decades. Ever since the start of the European Union, there have been populist movements gaining momentum in Europe. People in Europe want to cast aside traditional boundaries between countries in favor of one unified country. This is the essence of a populist movement.

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