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  • He is unproven

    Bold statement perhaps. He is undefeated and has a ridiculously high knockout ratio however his CV is abysmal. He has fought nobody note worthy and for all the talk of wanting huge fights he seems to dodge a lot of people. He would not fight Carl Froch unless it was at a favorable catch weight, despite the fact that Carl was aging and on a downward slope. A cowardly stance if you ask me. And for all the talk of potential other fights never materialize, usually because he appears to put little effort into getting them made. For that reason I would be Canelo Alverez, who would fight anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Tbh idk fr

    This is going to be a difficult fight to see beacuse they both like to stay in one position and strike on each other and both of them dont really run a lot so most of them will just stay in the same spot after the fight we will see the true potential in both fighters

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