• Seeing [flying candles] is believing

    I am an atheist and work as a data scientist (with a background in systems biology and bioinformatics) - I saw a candle fly across my bathroom and into the door, spraying molten wax across the wall in process. This candle was at least 1kg - I have NO explanation for this; by far, the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced, resulting in my believing that this is, infact, a real phenomenon. I won't extrapolate any further and I certainly wouldn't broadcast this to my colleagues.

  • I don't know for sure but I think it's likely they are; String Theory suggests yes

    Although it's only theory there is evidence there may be hidden dimensions. While these are thought to be small, curled up dimensions there could also be other small, curled up dimensions within them eventually connecting to other worlds. This could all be consistent with physics if string theory were proven correct.

    It's popular if there's no evidence of something being real to assume it isn't real rather than we don't know. There is no hard evidence of ghosts just as there is no hard evidence of intelligent alien civilizations, but if other dimensions exist ghosts are probably real and it would make it likely some cases stem from crossing over from these other worlds. Maybe we are ghosts to people in other dimensions on the rare occasion our visual information breaks through. We might not even realize it.

    It's going to take a lot of research and a lot of experiments, as yet undesigned to figure this out. But I'd say if you believe in multiverse theory you should also believe in ghosts.

  • Scientifically impossible eh?

    Say what you want about it being scientifically impossible for ghosts to exist. The problem here is that when we talk about ghosts, we're no longer talking about science. We're talking about spirits that remain on the planet after life to get revenge or visit where they used to live or meet up with a loved one again. Though I don't know they exist, I still believe that they possibly exist because you can prove that they exist if you sight one on camera or with a large number of people, but it is scientifically impossible to prove they don't.

  • We Have No Proof

    We have no proof that ghosts are non-existent. Until we get proof, there are enough sightings to convince me into saying yes. There are no reasons not to believe, and scientific proof is the only thing that will convince me ghosts aren't real. How would you explain sightings?

    Thank You,

  • I believe so

    I've never seen one (and quite frankly I wouldn't want to!), but I do believe they exist. I'm not really sure why- perhaps it's my religious upbringing. I certainly don't consider myself religious anymore, but when the idea of there being a Heaven and an afterlife is drummed into you for so long it's hard to deviate from those beliefs. The fact is none of us can truly know until we die, or unless you have a paranormal experience yourself (as I wouldn't necessarily trust someone else's account)

  • Ghosts=legit trust me

    Bcoz I have seen one it killed my sister with its razor sharp claws and coughed up a hair ball many people say its a cat but it was pale white and 18ft tall it scratched and bit me and raped me too. I as scared to death and hope to never see another GHOST again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scooby Doo says no and that's good enough for me.

    For three years from 12 to 15 I played with a friends fathers Ouija board just about every chance we had. This was before I understood the ideomotor effect and while I was open to believing and you know what, nothing, not one event that was unexplainable. Now after I got older and my interest in understanding how the brain creates the illusion we call reality it is no wonder we think we see things. Things that go bump in the night, that strange feeling of being watched, goose bumps for no reason. These are just your mind fecking with you and something to scare the kids at bedtime.

  • Ghosts are not a debatable question

    Ghost hunters Tv shows are totally not fake!!! They had contact with so many real 100% legit ghosts in those shows! Common, the only real thing in those show is how people are gullible. I actually think that ghostbuster was the most legit show about ghost ever made. Other than that, kind of like SourLemons said in his arguments, with all the people that never "experienced" seeing ghots, compared to the people who said they did, I can't understand how there is still people thinking there are ghosts.

  • Ghosts are just product of our culture and irrational thinking.

    The idea of ghosts started generation before, and it continued today and likely to the next generation. People before believed in ghosts because science was still not present to explain a lot things which are now explainable. Today, people claiming to see ghosts are influenced only by pareidolia, infrasound, demonomania, and other cognitive biases. There are psychological explanation why people see ghosts.

  • Humans are creatures capable of grandiose imaginations. Ghosts just happen to be a product of such inspiration.

    When mankind first walked on the earth, there were no innovations like a television, radios, or computers, and people were bored. Which is why people that formed civilizations far away from each other made up mythological stories and characters to keep themselves entertained. The Greeks had Minotaurs, Centaurs, Sirens; Vikings had Valkyries, Dwarves, Dragons, and ghosts just happen a creature in between many of the different myths. First we have to distinguish what makes a ghost a ghost. From my current understanding, a ghost is a human spirit that hasn't departed for the afterlife for whatever circumstances. If we use that understanding and add into data how many humans have existed on this earth and further explore this analysis by asking ourselves why we personally have never encountered a ghost in person, we can only come to the conclusion that ghosts do not exist.
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Juris says2014-03-23T00:34:14.520
Ghosts do not exist. They are just product of our brain.