• Yes some individual are not on drugs

    Yes giving money is good I know a panhandler who has a basic living never use drugs, But uses the money to hopefully get a good descent place to live and to hopefully help poor relatives overseers. Many Panhandlers are not homeless but poor who needs cold hard cash money!

  • Yes I do.

    I do think that giving money to panhandlers is good. It's not as simple as just getting a job. A lot of pan handlers are uneducated, have health issues, or are too old to begin a new career. It's hard being homeless, and in an unforgiving world, this is how they have to make it.

  • Yes, I think it is fine

    I think its okay, as long as you don't need it. The thing is you don't know where its going,but you can only hope they use it to feed themselves, or do something productive. The biggest thing would be to feed them rather than give them money, it would help more.

  • Yes giving money is good to some clean individuals but not to drug addicts.

    Yes giving money is good I know a panhandler who never use drug, Alcohol nor smoke. Has a basic living but saves the money to hopefully get a good descent place to live and to hopefully help poor relatives overseers.
    Talk to them find out their needs. Panhandlers are not homeless

  • Allowing homeless people to panhandle is not good for them!

    People who are allowing homeless people to reach into their hearts is sweet and all but on average a homeless person will make $15-$30 an hour! That maximum is more than an average American makes which is $24.17 an hour. Some homeless people can make up to $60,000 a year! This in anyway is not helping them in life they need clothes and food if they are going to beg. They need to go to a shelter not the side of the street. This is also a danger to other people on the road.

  • They are dangerous.

    No,because most people don't have jobs because they don't work hard at school and they just slack of. When they have kids the kids are not going to have an ejection and not going to have a job because of there parents because we learn from them. And if we just keep giving them money then they are going to think it is OK and they are going to think life is good on the street. They can be violent and they might have mental problems, and they might be on drugs.

  • I don't think giving money to panhandlers is good

    Most of us want to be generous and helpful when we see someone panhandling. I don't think that is a wrong in any real way to give money to panhandlers but I think that there are better ways that we can help them. I don't think a few coins from the pockets of random individuals is a solution for combating homelessness. There needs to be a coordinated response from society. We, as a people, have to ask 'Why are these people homeless?"

  • Unfortunately the majority use the money to buy drugs and/or alcohol

    If you truly want to help a panhandler buy them a meal or give them a job opportunity. Giving them cash only enables them to continue their lifestyle of panhandling and also gives them the means to buy more drugs and/or alcohol. Giving panhandlers money only adds to the problem.

  • No I Do Not

    I do not believe giving money to panhandlers is good. People who do this tend to get stuck with this method of money collecting and the ease of it makes them stick with it. It is also common for drug addicts to use this method to obtain funds and those who donate are simply helping them continue their habit. I always avoid giving panhandlers money.

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