• Yes it is

    Yes I think that it would make it equal because we can all be equal ok and yes we should have trump to give privileges to minorities ok and yes they should have to give privileges to minorities to make it equality ok ok ok ok ok bye bye ok

  • Its not equality- focusing on higher ed

    Giving minorities special scholarships, Clubs, And privileges' for their skin color is not creating equality. I have tons of minority friends whos parents make more than mine yet I have no financial aid and they have almost a full ride. Simply for the color of their skin. I personally feel oppressed. Almost to the point where I wish I was biracial. I have a 4. 0 and am very involved but all that matters now is race. It should be focused on location and acedemics but no, Its not. Also, Having minority clubs like "Black Student council" is praised but if you replaced black with white it would be racist.

  • We are all created equal, thus we all deserve equal treatment.

    Just because the skin on your body is a different shade or you're not exactly like everyone else it doesn't mean you deserve more or less because of it. It is not "Equality" if minority groups, or any group really, gets special treatment over others. Blacks and Women fought for their share of equality in the U.S in the past, but now it appears some of the more radical side of the minorities are trying to gain more privileges over everyone else, claiming that they are still being oppressed. Yes, racism still and always will exist, but that does not mean you're being oppressed. If you want to see true oppression, try being gay in the Middle East or in Russia. Ether way, we are all equal here now and for minorities to gain more privileges will only ruin what took countless amount of lives to establish,

  • Giving anyone special treatment is the exact opposite of equality

    Giving special privileges to anyone because of their race is 100% wrong. Minorities cry out for equality while at the same time gladly accepting the X amount of scholarships that Universities across this country set aside for them each year. You can't have it both ways. Either you want equality or you don't. It's that simple. I'm all for equality, but it seems that the majority have forgotten what the term equality actually means.

  • Unfair to everyone

    Giving specially privileges is literally the exact opposite of equality, giving someone special opportunities I'm life because you "think" they need it is unfair to both them and the majority because it screams out that minorities should have lower standards because they art capable of making it in life with the same challanges as everyone else and gives the rest of the population the disadvantage of having to work harder for the same opportunities

  • Of course special privilege shatters equality.

    Any opponent to this doesn't understand what equality means. Equality means there are no special rights for any one group based on something as arbitrary as sex, race, etc, and yet many would argue those people deserve special privilege because "the system is built against them" or "they've historically been oppressed", but that's ridiculous. If you give them a step up all you do is perpetuate an image of them as weak, feeble, and incapable of being influential by making them some kind of circus show attraction to gawk at. "Come one, come all, see the people whos melanin level meant they needed more rights!" These special privileges are just a spit in the face and total invalidation of equal rights movements for minorities like the Woman's Rights Movement and Civil Rights Movement of 1960's America, except the roles have been reversed. Explain to me why "Whites Only" drinking fountains were wrong but "Blacks only" college scholarships or "Womans only" job offers aren't. You're perpetuating inequality brave citizens in the 20th century sought to erase but just reversing it the other way instead. "Oh, but it's not racism if it's against whites" or "It's not sexism if it's against men", well, mate, I suggest you look those words up, because none of them mean what you think they mean.

  • We're all Equal

    Having equal representation and equal rights is very important and part of what being American is. There is no doubt there was discrimination in the past and it should be addressed. Companies should be required to have a certain percentage of minority groups represented in the work place, but it shouldn't go past that. There shouldn't be special privileges. I work with youth of a certain minority group and its ridiculous to know that for them to be accepted into a higher rated university such as U of M or MSU they only need a 2.7 to get in due to the University needing to hit their quota for minorities but if someone who were white to apply, would ideally need a 3.2-3.5 just to be considered. Yes it was necessary to "lower the bar" or standards in the past because there was a learning gap and less of opportunities in the past. Now, everyone has similar rights and opportunities, and everyone who previously was oppressed/ discriminated against is no longer alive.

  • Yes, giving minorities benefits is bad for equality.

    I definitely think that giving privileges to minorities denies equality. I think that when a group of people such as minorities are given special treatments and privileges, it hurts the principles and beliefs of equality. I think that it is important for the government to focus on treating everybody the same.

  • Privileges do not help minorities gain equality.

    Giving privileges to minorities denies equality because they then do not experience the same level of competition than non-minorities have to go through to succeed. After a decades of preferentail treatment, when a person runs into a situation in which they actually have to fight for a position, they will feel they are in fact being discriminated against.

  • I think giving privileges to minorities does not deny equality.

    I think giving privileges to minorities does not deny equality. If minorities are allowed to stay in this country then they should be allowed the same rights as anyone else is in this country. I think it is wrong that just because they were not born here that they have less rights.

  • No I Don't

    I do not believe minorities are given privileges that go above and beyond in a way that denies equality. If that were the case, there would definitely be a problem, but it simply is not. There are very few privileges handed out to minorities so this really is not a big issue.

  • No it doesn't

    No we the people need to get off this kick of racial identification we are one. We are a race yes, it is called the human race and we all deserve to be treated equally and reasonably nobody should be denied any rights whatsoever. We all have skin, bones, teeth and hair, and blood that bleeds red. We all have different skin textures and different types of hair. We are a group of people that deserve to be treated equally as one race the human race no body should be denied healthcare, marriage, religious experiences, nor should we discriminate against anyone.

  • Our Society is Idoitic

    No minors have any right in any way.
    "As minors by law children do not have autonomy or the right to make decisions on their own for themselves in any known jurisdiction of the world. Instead their adult caregivers, including parents, social workers, teachers, youth workers, and others, are vested with that authority, depending on the circumstances." Well, SCREW THAT! We have rights, equality, and adults, no matter their authority, CAN"T FREAKING TORTURE US!

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