Do you think global warming is a moral issue?

Asked by: Skeptic111
  • The question asks whether it's a moral issue and not it's validity. Hence...

    I would say it is. Valid or not. Wanting to save the planet or rather humanity as I say. It is a moral issue. Ask any misanthrope including myself. I say live long and die. I could care less if me pumping gas into the atmosphere could mean a more chaotic climate for the future generations.

    Given how life always finds way to adapt and those who adapt will live on. Future generations will find away to get by a harsher climate, even if we currently did nothing for them. It's also known as the survival instinct.

    Besides, life on earth has seen seven mass extinctions to date and yet here we are still with thousands of different species after 7...Mass...Extinctions!

    So life will continue till the sun screws us over. The planet is a self sustaining system. So it needs no saving. Humanity on the other hand...We are screwed. Which I personally do not care about. I rather rev up my engine and put the pedal to the metal gorging away the gas in seconds and have a great time.

    Many argue that other life forms are suffering due to human activity and it is true. However...I find it very Hippocratic given how 49 billion chickens are slaughtered per year.

    Some one is lying about their concerns about humans interfering with animals.

  • Global Warming has been correlated with a rise in green house gas emissions

    Global Warming has been correlated with a rise in green house gas emissions ( specifically CO2 ) since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Global Warming is the overall increase in average surface temperatures as more of the sun's heat gets trapped in our atmosphere. It's effects include the melting of sea and land ice, the rising of oceanic sea levels, increased droughts and wildfires, a decrease in global agricultural yield, and more extreme weather patterns on the planet's surface. Runaway Global warming and climate change need to be controlled now before the effects become even more severe!

  • If ever there was a moral issue this is one.

    It's been said that Global Warming is a Moral issue. In the same way that standing up for justice is a moral issue. Is it justified to destroy the environment for profit and economy? Especially when the destruction causes the suffering of many species including our own... And is irreversible. Is it possible to sacrifice our lifestyle for an often unseen form of injustice? Are people responsible for their actions, no matter how far down the chain of events the consequences are?... Do we have a responsibility to future generations of Earth inhabitants? I believe the answer is yes. And i believe that Government needs to act in this situation because only government has the authority to control this scale of undertaking. This is an undertaking as large as landing a man on the moon, or entering WWII. It needs a National effort. And not just a private effort.

  • The world is not ours.

    Quite sadly, most of the human race cares little for the other creatures we share this world with. As an intelligent race, that populates the entire planet we have a moral responsibility to not only preserve it for future generations but to ensure that it is looked after so that other forms of life on Earth can flourish. Yes, Global Warming is a naturally occurring process, but that does not justify being reckless when not only our lives could be affected; but all life on Earth.

  • Global warming is real

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  • It is on US

    As the supposed "keepers" of this planet, It should be our jobs to make sure we have clean air and water for every inhabitant on earth. That includes humans and animals. We created the mess and we should be held responsible. The future of this planet is in our hands.

  • We owe it to mother earth!

    Earth houses all species, and we the human population are the biggest cause for global warming. So we need to clean up the made we've made for future generations.Yes, Global Warming is a naturally occurring process, but that does not justify being reckless when not only our lives could be affected; but all life on Earth.

  • We are killing ourselves!

    Humans may think they are the smartest beings on the planet, but by all evidence of our actions (or lack thereof), we are not. Lack of regard for each, other beings and nature have left our species with a "hole in the soul." We have to start looking at how our actions are harming the planet or surely we will parish from this earth. God created us and it is with our actions that we honor him.

  • The Greatest Issue

    The science is conclusive. Global warming is real and it is caused mainly by humans burning hydrocarbons as a means for producing energy. While replacing these fuels with non-carbon renewable resources will come at a high initial price, the long-term payoff will be tremendous - both environmentally and economically. Dealing with the problem will spur new technologies which will benefit our grandchildren.

  • Gloabl warming does not exist

    You guys have to stop listening to what the media tells you. Global warming does not exist. Its called Climate Change and its happens NATURALLY. There is more proof and it makes more sense why Climate Change is the real thing here, not global warming. Research this please before you say something. I am a sophomore in high school and this was my research project - Why does global warming not exist? Carbon dioxide is naturally found in the environment and in the atmosphere. There are graphs and charts to show the temperatures and how they have always been increasing and decreasing over the last hundreds of thousands of years. The sun goes though cycles where it has warmer periods and cooler periods, in which these periods can be 2 years or 20 years (in general, its about 11 years). These are all natural cycles that our Earth goes through and has gone through. Its just that technology today is looking at the weather rather than the climate and what its been for the past 2 years rather than the past 2 million years. Also, media is effecting this and people are assuming what they see or hear is always true and accurate. However, there is always a background story or information left out. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS. ITS CALLED CLIMATE CHANGE.

  • Remember, science is important.

    There has never been any scientific evidence to support man made global warming. Every 30.000 years the earth goes through heating and cooling stages. In the 20th century people were worried about the next ice age. Algore popularized this whole global warming idea so that he could sell carbon credits and get recognition. Even the media has been trying not report on this lately because people have been wising up and the media doesnt want to look stupid.

  • Global warming DOES NOT exist and WILL NOT exist, let alone become a 'moral issue'

    Climate change is a naturally occurring process. The liberal mindset has twisted and overtaken a good lot of people who believe it is a human cause. Humans have no effect on climate change, and we need to realize that it was a tool of Al Gore to gain liberal sympathy as well as votes. It is a shameless plot and should be shut down as a hoax and scheme.

  • It is either warming, Or it is not.

    I cannot believe if global warming is occuring. It either is, Or it isn't. We can argue if polar bears dying is immoral, Or if expanding farming is moral. The consequences of the earth warming can be argued in context of morality. I need to type four more words. Word.

  • Temperature does not follow CO2 levels

    It's the other way around. CO2 follows temperature. This is because as the oceans grow warmer they release CO2, and as they become cooler they absorb CO2, resulting in a 600 year time lag. Please don't believe what politicians tell you. Global Warming is not man made. Climate change is part of a natural and healthy planet. It is not a moral issue. It is entirely political and social. Helping the planet makes people feel better about themselves, and having better 'greener' energy sources makes a country look more advanced. I say 'greener' because the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere has actually helped plant growth, resulting in a phenomenon known as Global Greening. It is not a moral issue.

  • If Carbon Dioxide is the basis of our morals...

    Although human activity has increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a greenhouse gas that could potentially cause warmer climates, global warming is more accurately described as "climate change". This is a natural process for the earth to undergo. The ice age occurred due to climate change, and the ice age ended due to climate change. This is not in any way possible a moral issue. Also, people often include ozone depletion in their argument against global warming. IF global warming was a rational concept, this would NOT lead to ozone depletion.

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