• Steinem's college, Smith should become co-ed.

    In a time of equal opportunity, it is unfair for any university to exclude anyone based on gender, sexual preference or race. Although it is historically an all-female college, times have changed. Male colleges have been forced to accept female students. Smith is no different than any other college that needs to provide equal education opportunities.

  • Smith should not become co-ed.

    I don't think that there's any reason for Smith to become a co-ed college. I think that in this day and age, we ought to allow women only and men only colleges as a sort of niche experience for student consumers who want that sort of educational environment. There's no need to diversify everything.

  • Private College Can Stay All-Female

    Smith College in Massachusetts is a private liberal arts college. As such, it can allow and disallow whatever students it wants to within reason. If Smith College wants to stay all-female, so be it. If the institution ever accepts taxpayer funds to help run its programs, then Smith College must change an accept everyone regardless of gender.

  • Freedom of choice trumps all else.

    There is no reason that Smith should become co-ed. As long as there is a market for an all-girls school there will be all-girls schools. The day this demand ceases will be the day the single gender schools cease to remain profitable and self-sustaining. The market and the demands of the market are more than adequate to regulate the services and goods the market offers. Smith should become co-ed only when it is profitable to do so.

  • It's A Private Institution

    Smith College has historically been and was created as a college for women. It is also a private institution that has every right to serve what ever part of the population they so desire. I do not believe the school should switch to co-ed unless the directors desire to do so.

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