Do you think Gloria Steinem's journalism career has been effective?

  • Yes, Gloria Steinem's career has been effective.

    As a women I wish I could say that Gloria Steinem's effect has been a positive one. Unfortunately, although she has been very effective at forwarding an agenda she has had a major negative effect for women. She can be credited with many of the things that are wrong with the women's movement today.

  • Yes, she convinced women they had worth.

    Gloria Steinem was about the first advocate of women's rights. As a journalist, she was vocal throughout her career about the women's liberation movement. She founded many organizations for the purpose of promoting women's rights during her career. I believe it was her journalism alone that has been responsible for taking women out of the kitchens and into equality.

  • Prominent In Past

    I believe Gloria Steinem's journalist career has been effective, as it has helped her in her other adventures. Steinem is known for a variety of things, but her activism is probably the most pronounced. She was the most active in the 60s and 70s and she was very effective at that time.

  • Yes, Gloria Steinem's journalism career has been effective.

    I think that Gloria Steinem's journalism career has been effective. While she has a lot of critics and people that will say otherwise, I think it is safe to say that she has been a successful journalist in the field. That is why I think it is only fair to say that her career has been good.

  • Gloria Steinem has made her impact.

    As a person delves into the counterculture archives of the 1970s, Gloria Steinem is a name that will undoubtedly stand out in many places. She was directly involved in the "Black power" movement and then subsequently involved in the feminist movement. Her editorials would be published and read by millions who had an interest in the subject. Definitively, if someone has interest in feminism, they will have to study Gloria Steinem's career as a journalist.

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