• More food for us.

    Yes, I think that GM foods' health benefits outweigh the risks, because GM foods do a better job getting the food to the people. Also, organic foods tend to take up more space. Taking up more space can do damage to local habitats for wildlife, such as migrating birds. GM foods are better for us and for animals.

  • Higher Crop Yields, Less Pesticides

    Genetically modified (GM) foods are that way because they have higher crop yields, don't need as many pesticides and are drought resistant. GM foods have way more health benefits in that foods aren't nutritionally deficient even though their genetic structure has been slightly altered. GM foods are the wave of the future, and until there is scientific proof these foods are bad, humans will continue to use them in order to make our quality of life better.

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  • GMO foods are not worth the risk.

    Farming corporations were looking for an herbacide and pesticide that would not kill their plants. For many years, the additive was what was concentrated on. Eventually someone took the opposite approach, and genetically altered the plants to be resistant to the chemicals. However, the impact on those people who eat these foods are steadily becoming apparent. Birth defects, and early onset puberty have been attributed to these GMO foods. Even if there is just a possibility that this is true, it is not worth the risk. Exposure to these chemicals that are designed to kill is just too risky

  • GM foods' health benefits ultimately do not outweigh the risks

    GM foods' health benefits ultimately do not outweigh the risks. They provide at the moment many benefits, and in fact they do. But at the same time, their biological and DNA makeup has changed a lot. In my opinion, I don't think that will be beneficial to us humans that consume it. It might give us more problems in the near future to come.

  • GM foods health benefits do not outweigh the risks.

    It's hard for anyone to truthfully claim that the health benefits of genetically modified, or GM, foods outweigh the risks because no one really knows what the risks are. For that matter, the benefits of GM foods really don't involve health at all; most foods that are genetically modified are treated that way for better profit for the growers, with no consideration of health issues at all.

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