Do you think God created homosexuality only to make it a sin?

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  • God Isn't Dead, He Isn't Real

    In order for god to be able to make certain people homosexuals only to have humanity hate them would necessitate there first being a god to begin with. There is none, thus the idea is null. If you are a Christian who says "No" I suggest you look at Romans 1:26, where god punishes Idolaters by making them, both men and women, become homosexuals. Noteworthy because 1) it states god turned the sinners gay 2) it is a New Testament condemnation of homosexuality and 3) it is the only passage from the Bible that makes mention of lesbians. Obviously there is also Leviticus and the Old Book where not only is male homosexuality "an abomination," it is punishable by stoning two chapters later. Simple logic for believers, god mad everything, gay people are natural and part of said everything, god made gay people. And if you follow the Abrahamic tradition he also doesn't like them. But once again, there sent a god to be declaring this in the first place so the answer is, again, "No."

  • Premise is flawed.

    God did not create homosexuality, nor did he create anything, because gods are imaginary entities made up to control people. If there were a god, I'd imagine he'd be smart enough to know homosexuality is harmless and shouldn't be considered a sin. It truly baffles me that people in this day and age still use fairy tales to explain natural occurrences.

  • The bible labels homosexuality as a sin.

    But one must remember. The bible was written in ancient times. Homosexuality at this time was a taboo of the highest level. Many homosexuals hid their sexuality in order to not be condemned. If God did indeed walk the Earth, there is no actual proof to reinforce the theory of homosexuality as a sin, since the Bible was written by man. Is it possible that man, in his misunderstanding of what seemed strange, believed it to be evil? What if God never actually labelled homosexuality as a sin? Additionally, it goes against the characteristically humane personality of God. Why would he create something just to have it condemned?

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