Do you think God created humans (yes) or the other way around (no)?

  • God Created All Humans

    In my opinion, God did indeed create all humans and the universe. There is simply no other answer to who the divine ruler is. The universe was created in such a way that was perfected for the human race. The solar system works perfectly with the sun and moon for the Earth. God had to create everything because everything happens for a reason.

  • Their is actually mathematical evidence of intelligent design.

    Fractals are a naturally occurring mathematical phenomena. They are found all over nature, from plants to mountains. They are literally a blueprint of creation. Something had to create this pattern in nature. This evidence of a designer is equal to evidence of God. Main stream science is biased against the idea of God because it provides an answer to a question that they do not want to end.

  • Answer the Question

    People often ask," If God created you, then who created God?" Well, I have a right to turn the question right back around on them, completely leaving Christianity out, and ask," If the universe created you, then who created the universe?" Answer to this question is God created the heavens and the Earth. (Genesis 1:1)

  • God created man

    Insofar as God is here made to mean, the totality of existence, delineated in Spinoza's Ethics. Whether or not man clearly understands this God or if any of our hypotheses encroach on a divine truth, is another question entirely. Though, our notions and anthropomorphisms are closer to anthropology and sociology than truth in divine knowledge. Meaning, "God" created man. Man returned the favor.

  • Man created God in his own image

    God was created as an idea for hope, but as people often do when you give them an inch, they take a mile.The idea of "God" is based purely on fear of death or ignorance of scientific knowledge. Point. Blank. Period. I would go into detail but that would just waste my time; “But you can't make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can't last.”
    ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

  • The Bible God is the Product of Successive Hallucinations, from Abraham to Saul:

    Neurology knows full well how super real Hallucinations can appear to be and there are many sufferers who have Hallucinated God themes and believed them, some even Hallucinated and believed they themselves were God. Evidence for such Hallucinations come from studies into Ellen White (mother of the Seventh Day Adventist Movement) who started Young Earth Creationism, Joan of Ark whose Hallucinations led her to her violent quest, David Koresh, whose hallucination of being the messiah, (some think dehydration can even cause such hallucinations) led to a frightful massacre/suicide and Charles Manson's Hallucination concerning a Beatles song that led him on his murderous quest. From a study into the Bible and the delusions of those who suffered hallucinations, believing them to be real, it does appear that the Bible is not about any real God, but the combined Hallucinations of Moses, Solomon, Joshua, Jesus and Saul.
    It appears that all of them suffered Hallucinations, possibly in times of dehydration.

  • If the boot fits.

    It is completely obvious that God has been created by humans. Every God has shown human qualities and the monotheistic religions especially so. God is a vindictive, vengeful, vain being and shows all the characteristics humans do despite allegedly being above all that.

    He is an interesting peice of fiction but no more than that.

  • There is no evidence that a god exists.

    There is no evidence that a God exists, merely people that believe a God exists. The world is not inherent evidence that a God exists. There are scientific theories (theories in a scientific context are very thorough; gravity is a theory) that support life (organic matter) has the potential to form from inorganic molecules. I, like anyone, do not know whether a God exists; however, at this time I do not believe in one. I don't believe in one simply because there is no current explanation for the origin of life. "God did it" (not to sound offensive) is a jump to conclusions with zero evidence to support it.

  • Religion is a Human Institution

    Man has a need for answers surrounding deep issues such as creation, and the purpose of life. To that end, man created organized religion, to attempt to answer those questions, and by extension, God. How we "created" God reflects on humanity itself. God did not create us in his image, we created him in ours.

  • Chicken Or The Egg

    Which came first? The chicken or the egg? We aren't sure and the same can be said for this question. There's no real way of knowing if we created God or if God created us. It's a great question and there are many people on each side of the debate. I believe there is something more there, but I'm not sure it's the bearded guy in a white robe that some of us imagine.

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