• There is no doubt that God exists

    The question has only one answer: yes. There is no other explanation other than the fact that in the beginning God created the universe. There is no way to get around or dodge this straightforward truth. Nothing can exist without God, and seeing the things that do exist, no one can explain the things that exist unless one first believes in God.

  • God is real

    God has proved his presence on earth if u look up things that atheist argue towards Christians like myself they aint actually happening for instance we believe that the world is around 6000 years old people say that big stalagmites took around 7000 years to form for instance in el paso texas theres a stalactite thats 7 feet long atheist say that its 8000 years old under the white house theres 30 feet long stalactites that took 30 years to form and as for carbon dating there's a natural process on earth that happens that makes things older then they realy are .

  • Yes, it is most reasonable to accept the reality of his existence.

    Based on the evidence, it is most reasonable and rational to believe that God exists. Of course, 100% proof is not possible, as there are very, very few truths that have 100% certainty. However, when you look at the various bodies of evidences including, but not limited, to the Cosmological Argument, the design argument, the moral argument, the goldilocks argument, etc; taken all together as an aggregate they tip the reasonableness balance in favor of His existence.

  • Yes I do

    Yes I believe strongly god exists. I do not believe the majority of the bible is real but god does exist. He loves all people and all who worship him will either be sent to heaven or for rare people who believe in it be reincarnated for periods of time upon request. I am a Christian but I believe in both heaven and reincarnation. I am also gay, and I do not believe the parts of the bible which implies god is anti gay.

  • Yes, but not as traditionally understood.

    This is a vast and amazing universe. To posit our own knowledge or belief as sufficient is just lunacy. To posit the existence or non existence of God is just as crazy. We do not know what pulses at the heart of creation, not just creation of the earth but of the myriad galaxies that may contain life. There is something but we could never give this consciousness a name without minimizing it.

  • Yes. God is in fact real.

    Well I have had many friends say that God was not real. If you look at everything negatively, you might be able to convince yourself of this. However, if you look at the positive, you surely will be able to see the fact that God is there. But, everyone has their own agency to choose whether or not they believe in God or not. I'm not going to say that I am fine with you not believing, but as long as you respect my decision to worship God I will respect yours not to. Even if you attack me I will respect your views. Not you, but your views.

  • It is incredibly arrogant to deem a mythical entity as definitive information.

    My argument here is not - nor will it ever be - that the notion of a higher power is illegitimate. My argument is that it's exceedingly idealistic to profess that the 'proof of God' is retained in particularly astonishing events in history or present geology. It's just as mindless to say that the proof of God lies within human ignorance, and that only heightens the concept of hubris first touched upon. My first question to those who support the belief singularly of God is what makes the plethora of opposing or oftentimes corresponding religions inadequate? Particularly remarkable events can be equally explained by that - the concept of God isn't something I believe in. What I believe is that people have a habit of being afraid of what they do not know and therefor attempt to concoct some superfluous reasoning to stabilize their erratic train of thoughts trying to address that unfamiliarity.

    Believing in any religious concept is not wrong, nor is religion itself wrong. My belief is that there is something to believe in, but that something doesn't dictate who we are, why we are, or what we're going to be. It's good and healthy to create a standard of ethics adhering to a something that allows you to place yourself in as an individual, but what's wrong with this concept of 'God' is that people lose themselves in it. I won't generalize, though. I'm not going to ask for proof or ask for actual reinforcement into the topic because it's a very controversial thing and should remain that way. If there is a God that I as a person am either supposed to believe in or be damned for a redundant span of eternity, then such audacious accounts should be physically backed up - in short, a sovereign who exists and wishes for people to acknowledge that existence does not speak in riddles. If there is a God - and there very well could be. There could be many, there could be one, or maybe the universe itself is God. Who knows? - then it's feasible to me that the way we have been constructed orientates not a life that is meant to be lived in moderated self-restriction, but in the process of open-minded thought and personal acceptance to whatever idea you may adhere to.

    No, I don't believe in God. I believe that the concept of a deity is a comfortable and very plausible one, but that it would be simultaneously arrogant of us to call it -factual-. It shouldn't exist as something that explains the inexplicable or even something that forces us to abide by a strict moral compass. It should be something that we as people truly connect to. And for the people that do that with their notions of God? All the more power to you. But in the end, I notice that many of the forceful obligations of this belief in God is very, very human-like. In the end, we'll stay egocentric.

  • No god or gods exist.

    Gods are a creation of men. Its easy to see this because none of the gods are better then there creators. Did you mean the god of bible, the same god that ask us to stone our children? The same god that drowned his children? The same god that would burn his children alive forever if they don't believe? The same god that would let the worst child killer in to heaven if he but believes? Then no I do not think that any gods exists, but I do think and I ask questions. There is no god that can stand the scrutiny of an intellectual mind. Because gods demand faith and faith is a surrender of intellect where all questions are answered and none are asked. Question everything and thank you for the question. Have a nice day.

  • No, I do not.

    There is no proof a god exists, no reason to believe there is one or ever was one. We have so much scientific evidence to support evolution that I believe in that much more than I do of any god. If there is a god and he/she wants to come meet me and explain how the universe works and all that, that would be great. However, for the mean time I am happy with my atheist self.

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