Do you think Google Glass is a worthwhile technology?

Asked by: MettaWorldPeace
  • It has the virtual enhancement we have dreamed about

    Many people do not like Google Glass because of things like invasion of privacy, its awkwardness and its apparent lack of function. If we were this negative about cell phones when they came out, that they were too large, nobody had them, and they were unnecessary, we would not have the smart phones they have today. I'm not saying to rush out and go get one, but to keep an open mind about it.

  • Not at the moment

    I wouldn't want to be distracted while walking down the street, but I guess you could say the same about a mobile phone. I don't think anyone is actually going to get one but in a few years time maybe the whole world will. The same thing happened with TVs.

  • Google glasses are a useless piece of technology

    You don't need Google glasses, because you can go and buy normal glasses for a CHEAPER price.
    Google glasses have not been proven to work better than normal glasses.
    Why buy Google glasses when Google glasses haven't been proven to work better than normal glasses?
    Why go and buy Google glasses when you could buy normal glasses which work just as well if not better for a cheaper price?

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