• Alphabet is a Monopoly and an Affront to Capitalism

    Google is an internet monopoly because its parent company, Alphabet, Is a monopoly which also controls YouTube. Google is the vast majority of searches, And it uses data to collaborate with the government and other large companies to identify and target people without their knowledge. Alphabet controls the OS of the second-most popular smartphone devices in the world, Behind only Apple. Alphabet controls contend on the internet by using internal speech regulators, Favoritism in search results, Corporate strongarming of civil leaders (such as in South Carolina in 2014), And redirecting to its own sites.

    Also, The vast majority of corporations that have come under recent scrutiny are cohorts in the long run, Allowing eacho other a market profit share to continue a guise of non-existent "competition" where there is in fact cooperation. This cooperation makes parties difficult to define and prosecute.

    Finally, This market stranglehold does not come in the form of invention or innovation, But information and communication which has placed a stranglehold on the minds and lives of people as well as the markets. Worse than being a monopoly, Alphabet has formed along with Facebook, Apple, Amazon, NFL, NBA, Unnecessary insurance and financial institutions, Disney, Etc. , An oligopoly over minds which is strategically implemented to grow ad infinitum.

  • Yes Google is a monoply

    Not only is Google a monopoly it is an evil monopoly. As corporation they discriminate against conservative Christian employment creating a single mindset within the organization. This internal monopoly is then used by its leaders to attack any one who does not agree. The search engine monopoly is controlled by these radicals who then spread there code into other systems. In short you cannot have a search engine monopoly separate from the other services because it is the basis of all the other services, So yes, They are a monopoly.

  • Yes it is

    Well lets start with what is a monopoly: a monopoly is a situation where one seller dominates the market. What I have mainly seen on this are confusing monopoly with pure monopoly which means there is only one firm in the market. But if we are saying that google is a monopoly there can be other companies alongside it. As long as it is the most dominant seller.

  • Yes it is

    They refuse to allow me to pay for an item I want to purchase I wish to make a purchase of credits for a game. I was directed to Google Play store. They won't allow the purchase without signing into Google account. I wish to purchase with paypal. They won't even allow me to add PayPal though it is supposed to be an option. Tried on 2 different devices, 2 different accounts.
    Therefore they are acting as a monopoly by blocking free trade by other means.

  • I think google will vanish soon.

    Lets clearify what is google, ? Google is the biggest porn provider in the world, and has no future. Market is going to change in time, and google will be a shame in web, noone will remember. Google gave porn to this community but nothing more, this search engine business should be much better, with a better team and site. Google wont have any chance against the next generation who is coming

  • They refuse to allow me to pay for an item I want to purchase

    I wish to make a purchase of credits for a game. I was directed to Google Play store. They won't allow the purchase without signing into Google account. I wish to purchase with paypal. They won't even allow me to add PayPal though it is supposed to be an option. Tried on 2 different devices, 2 different accounts.
    Therefore they are acting as a monopoly by blocking free trade by other means.

  • Google is a monopoly because people choose to use the company's interface.

    Google is indeed a monopoly. This is because it is so popular and so many people use the search engine without a second thought. Google's ease of use and clean front page help people to easily choose the company for their searching, socalizing, e-mail, mapping, and image needs. Google has it all wrapped up.

  • Google is a monopoly

    I do believe that Google is a monopoly because they trade and sell stuff for companies and build their revenue from selling and trading for companies by letting those companies have stuff show in the google search engine. Google is well known so people will pay the money for google.

  • They control the internets Advertising albeit in a shady way, And they censor free-speech online

    So Google has a control on advertising. How?

    Since most people use Google as their search engine this means google can decide which websites will show up at the top first. This is usually done by whoever is the highest bidder.

    It is NOT considered a monopoly because Google does NOT set the prices. . They get away with this by making it a bidding game instead of setting the prices themselves. In other words, It is a monopoly but they get away with it because of this bidding loophole. It's only considered a true monopoly if Google themselves set the prices. . . So they get away with it by making it a bidding game.

    On top of that they also control free-speech online, Youtube is owned by Google/Alphabet. . . Let's be honest, Facebook and Twitter and Google all work together in their Oligopoly to censor free speech.

    Anything that Google deems 'evil' is censored. In other words, Google is the authority on Right and Wrong currently in our online world. Not only are they a monopoly as Youtube is the ONLY video website that contains user content in the way it does. But they're becoming more and more vehement with their censorship. . . I don't really want to call it censorship because it's more than that, It's not just censorship, It's discrimination and evil.

  • Manipulation of data

    The subtle way Google have built their brand over the years is a testament to an initial vision of providing accurate data and being a friend to the community.

    Almost overnight like some kind of dystopian scifi nightmare they have hooked the general populace into using their services and manipulated this facet via brute social engineering.

    They have taken open source and paid advancements in software, Locked it down and constructed probably the most evil way to own your content.

    Hey Google, Why is Google so evil. . . Sorry Dave, I don't know what you are talking about.

    Who's at fault?

    You are.

  • They do not own the internet

    In order to be a monopoly they would have to be the sole provider and not allow competition. The AT&T case of a monopoly is a perfect example of being the sole owner of the infrastructure and not allowing competitors to use the infrastructure. This is what caused the break up of ma bell. Google does not own the internet nor is the only company providing a service. If google bought all of the search companies and did not allow competition, Then they would be a monopoly. The people still have a choice of search providers. And if they have a choice then google is not a monopoly.

  • Choice of ideals

    Google has always been a personal choice, When I ask myself why. . . Everything is based on moments as a research tool, And light, Efficient, Balanced to the point of offering exactly what I was thinking with the minimum of interference possible to my well being or power of choice, Say that the lie does not usually last for a long time, I remember me google today the same way I remember when I first used the internet, I have no doubt of the great effort made by all companies of the branch of informatics, Which are better every year, Respect for all, But the ability to keep up with the ideas of service and unconditional service that google offers the world and something invaluable, No doubt the processes of monopoly in the European Union has financial motivation, Being a difficult situation, On the one hand companies are right to appeal about a possible injustice in the market, And basic right of any individual or organization, But what Are you being questioned? Users' ability to choose? Or the integrity of google tools? When searching in Google or any tools demand, Already have in mind WHAT desire to meet leading or no account of what it is announce or not announce right and visibility goes for both sides if suppose that you can not use a product created for you commercially? So that all advertising sites and billboards, In addition to newspapers and magazines containing advertisements, Must be prosecuted for monopoly. Google search, Find exactly what I want, And if I want I can go to the last pages to find, What happens a lot and error in the search by the user that does not put enough references, Then only shown the most accessed because it is probable, That makes perfect sense. And I say more, What google does for ordinary people and invaluable, The range of tools and content offered by them, And something impressive, And everything they do has a certain purity and seems to maintain the ideals of the company to the end, All innovation made by them and impressive to anyone, All this text was made and written by Google translator and broker, In the past had the excuse that that mistake of grammar was the fault of the translator, With all the innovation made in this tool, Not today there is more excuse, I know that any error in the text was my accent error. . . Besides I would like to thank all those for the companies of the branch of informatics and information that has do invaluable thing for me, Wikipedia1 #, GoogleALL2 #, Microsoft3 # (I bet I did not expect this! ), Yahoo4 #. . . Thanks for making a better Internet! And never forget "Don't be evil".

  • Of course not

    Saying google is a monopoly means that they control one hundred percent of the market. This isn't true, there are other fairly used search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Duck duck go that receive a fair amount of customers. Being a very dominant market presence doesn't automatically make it a monopoly.

  • BING Because Its Not Google

    Google is not a monopoly for the simple fact that there are other companies that offer the same services as they do. Furthermore up until recently google did not have its own browser and was only a search engine which others exist (Bing, Yahoo, Metasearch, etc). Also the web experience could not be complete with out multiple sources and a monopoly in technology is simply not a viable thing in the 21st century.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe Google is a monopoly. For the majority of their services I can find other providers that work just as well as the services Google provides. I believe Google has plenty of competition and they have to share a slice of the market. I believe organizations like Wal-Mart are far closer to breaking the rules of a monopoly than Google.

  • Strong market actor does not mean monopoly

    Every Internet user gets to know Google fairly soon after they start using the Internet - it's nearly impossible to not use Google...or is it? There are clear alternatives here. Microsoft has Bing. Yahoo's search engine still takes plenty of requests. Google's email provision is a market leader, but that has not stopped Yahoo Mail or Microsoft's Hotmail. Simply put - just because a company has a large presence doesn't axiomatically mean they control the market.

  • No, Google is not a monopoly.

    As big as Google is, it is not a monopoly. A monopoly suggests nobody can compete with them. There are plenty of companies that can compete with Google. But a lot of them are just not doing it successfully. I think that Google is just doing so well that others need to label them in a negative light.

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