• The institution of government is rather scummy.

    Government is an institutution that holds a monopoly. A monopoly on force. If you do not fall in line and conform, you are put in a cage. This initiation of force is not only unjust, but also immoral. So yes, governments are scum by definition. Because they monopolize force and use the threat of force to gain the resources that the lobbyists desire.

    Posted by: Bash
  • Definitely they are scums

    They hide the truth from us people. They think that it's okay for a government to go behind our back just because they believe is unsafe. They think what they can hide can be stayed hidden forever no matter the cost. They have lost our trust while the government wants us to believe their unworthy lies.

  • No more scummier than the people who voted for them

    While we live in a representative democracy, we vote for the people who in the government. All 500 and something people in congress, is all our faults for voting them in. All the bad governors, state congresses, & presidents are all our faults. I think it is rather unfair to demonize the entire government considered how many people that is and I don't know all of them so I can't say they're scum but the popular ones that get notoriety like Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, & Sarah Palin are all a bunch of scums. Regardless of political party, most are untrustworthy pigs that will literally kill to move up the ladder. Most but not all.

  • Definitively yes they are

    The government is people that are elected to do their job and they are to be trusted. People will do anything to find dirt on government people even if it is unjust. They are people that represent the public and they listen to the public so to call them scum is also calling the public scum because that's who they represent.

  • I hope you like Somalia.

    Eriously, I think people who write mindless comments like this need to leave whatever country they are in and vista Somalia. Where the collapse of Centralized government has created conditions of constant warfare terrorism, and a break down in basic civilization. You think you would enjoy being subjected to a rapacious war lord rather than a government with a police force and judicial system? Be my guest.

    All I ask is that you go experience what it is you desire first.

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