• Yes, Governor Christie needs to go.

    Living in New Jersey and paying horrendous property taxes Christie needs to concentrate on this broken state and fix it or step down from his office since he has officially kissed the Trump ring and pledged his loyalty which leaves us New Jerseians in the cold.

    Time to move on and let someone fix this broken state.

  • Yes, Governor Christie should step down.

    I don't necessarily have a problem with Governor Christie, but his connection with the whole bridge debacle is going to hurt his reputation for any attempts at running for the President of the United States. I think that it would be in his best interest to just step down from his role.

  • Governer Christie should step down.

    I mean the governor is innocent until proven guilty and probably will be proven innocent, but I do think he is guilty in this scandal. Especially with the bombshells dropped by people who worked for him now and in the past. Aside from that, he's a terrible governor and should step down anyway.

  • Governor Christie should step down

    Governor Christie should step down and do it quick. He is a two faced greedy politician who is playing dirty and has damaged the state in many ways. Closing the bridge has damaged his reputation, indicating to the citizens that he is more concerned about his image than the citizens. He needs to step down because the state is doing worse with each passing month.

  • No, I don't think Governor Christie should step down.

    While Chris Christie has been involved in several scandals in his time as Governor of New Jersey you have to remember his political opponents are spinning every piece of news the can to make him look worse then what has actually happened, I don't see an immediate and pressing reason why Chris Christie should step down.

  • No, Governor Christie should not step down.

    Governor Christie should not stop down from his position for a plethora of reasons. He has made many changes to New Jersey. With changes to the education system and the tax system there, Christie has definitely done his fair share to fix New Jersey. That alone should allow him to stay as Governor for the time being.

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