• Dilani and Noémie

    I think graffiti should be legal because it's a type of art.
    I think it is an art because it's colorful and art is not only something to draw. Also, Because sometimes artists tag graffitis to express their feelings or reveal some causes like child labouror, For example Banky's art.

  • Hevinn and Wafaa

    Yes, Because it is interessant. It can be a style, It is beautiful. Art should not be illegal. It changes the world, The people are telling their opinion by doing arts. If police see them, They will be charged and they should not do that. . . They are completely free!

  • Alexandru and Rasvan

    Graffiti should be legan because when is illegala lot of people wants to do it we should to build private locations special for graffiti, The graffiti is gone be legal the streets are gone be more beautiful and artistic because the artist wants to express their feelings because they are sad

  • Chaka et Sarah

    For, We, The graffiti should be legal because the journalist very speak the graffiti. We think that the graffiti that is cool. The situation it is difficult for the graffers, But the graffiti are good. We do not like the police, Because the police arrested the graffers and it is bad.

  • Gabriel et Meera

    Yes, Because the graffiti give to the city a "new" life and a new identity, The graffiti represent the injustice of a governement for many people in the city, The grapher want to be explain a message behind a painting.
    We like every painting of the grapher beacause he want to tell somthing behind a paintig.

  • Zakaria and Satijan

    Yes, We think graffiti should be legal, Because it beautiful and can make the people happy and curious, And can attract tourist It can be famous because sometimes it can be a political message or he can denounce something like a message like Banksy art. The graffiti is an art like painting.

  • Bogdan et Arkadi

    We think that graffitis should be legal because we love them and think they are beautiful. Graffiti is interesting, Its the reason why peaple are happy to see graffitis. Graffiti is recognize like a art for most peaple and its very popular. We thing also that graffers express there emotion with graffiti.

  • Ilana et djayah

    . I think graffiti should be legal because it is beautiful and people be like.
    . Graffiti decor the city so it is a attraction for the touriste.
    . The artist can express in graffiti.
    . We sad because the artist go to the prison because it is ilegal.

  • Anastasiia and Ludivine

    We think that graffiti should be illegal because, It can make domage and we don't like graffiti. It's not right for the owner, The owner wouldn't be enjoy. We think it's not beautiful, And dirthy wall. Can give bad image of city. We can't stay with graffiti, The end.

  • Samir and Senthuran

    We think the graffiti shouldn't be legal, Because it doesn't respected the propriety of this house. It defacing the walls of people's house. Aslo we think the graffiti is ugly. We also think the graffiti is not an art. We think the graffers should be arrested because they do something

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