Do you think Graffiti Tagging is unfairly discriminated against?

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  • A Valuable message for our children.

    In the visual arts, a theme is a broad idea or a message conveyed by a work, such as a painting, photograph or sculpture. Themes in art are often messages about life, society or human nature, and are usually implied rather than explicitly stated. Tagging Graffiti can be categorized by such themes as violence, anarchy, and poverty.

    Photo Credit: Richard Sandler

  • It is not unfairly discriminated against at all.

    There is a difference between graffiti tagging and art. Graffiti style art is an okay thing to support. Often enough it is good and lovely to admire. Tagging a public place, artistic or other, is not okay to condone. It is the same argument as why I don't want any Christmas trees, or menorahs out at the park. It is a public place and that is my argument. We all, as tax payers own a part of that park. We paid for it. As a tax payer I don't want a menorah in that park if not every one who payed taxes to help form the creation of it celebrates Jewish traditions. I celebrate Christmas, and I still do not want a Christmas tree because not every one who pays taxes celebrates Christmas.

    Not every one agrees with graffiti as an art. Those who don't should not have to see it unfairly placed in a public place where they payed taxes in the assistance of that public place.

    I only support in in the proper use of art.

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