Do you think gun control would prevent school shooting ?

Asked by: Emmawatson34
  • Would florida enact gun contol then school shooting in stoneman douglas high school would have been prevented

    It's not only school shooting that are a major issue in america but public mass shooting in many places including (restaurant,retailers,festival,and churches etc....). Public places in USA has become way too dangerous and this need to stop.

    The common argument from gun control activist often argue that 90 % school shooting occur in gun free zone. This is deeply flawed. Majority 90 % of these active shooter obtain gun legally.

  • Yes, there are so many proof

    Numerous of research show that gun control works. Countries like germany,UK,Australia and other european countries also have school shooting but not anymore since the time they enact gun control. American is so fucking messed up that they experienced school shooting every month, every week and every year. More than 214,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine and this tragedy need to stop.

    Schools suppose to be for educational purpose not a killing zone. We don't want send our children to death and this FUCKING SHIT NEED TO STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We already have gun laws - more won't work

    It's illegal to kill people. It's illegal to bring a gun into a school. Obviously, the laws we already have aren't working. Criminals don't follow laws. More laws will not help. It's like trying to store water in a sieve. More sieves won't help. The water will just fall through.

  • The main reason of school shooting is bullying

    If you look at the background of these of active shooter, many of them had been a victim of bullying and abuse. Yet i didn't say shooting innocent people is alright, but If teachers and parents take action on these, then these massacre won't happen or happen less frequent.

    In germany,uk and australia doesn't has school shooting problem but mainly because their law are stricter than in the US.Spanking of children is banned ,teachers take more action on punishing those bullies. And of course they have better mental health facilities and psychologies in school to prevent mental ill from becoming a rampage killer.

    But keep in mind, preventing school shooting doesn't mean preventing massacre in general.

    I am a french citizen and we suffer greately from many islamic terrorist attack the most recently deadliest attack occur in paris 2015 where 130 people are killed and nice 2016 where 86 people are being killed.

    In france we have strict gun control, but mad people mostly use vehicle and knife as a weapon instead of guns.

    If vehicle ramming attack in nice killed 86 people should we also ban cars ? Since cars can be a deadly weapon and it can kill as much people as with an assault weapon.

    Gun control won't prevent massacre in anyway because mad people will use a knife,axe or vehicle to kill people. Or they buy guns illegally which it's isn't so difficult on darkweb.

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