Do you think Gypsies as a race are unfairly portrayed in the European media?

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I do think that over the history of the gypsies they have been viewed in a very racist way by every person in Europe. Hitler even tried to kill all of them out during the holocaust. The media over there does not give them the proper credit for things.

  • "Gypsies" The name says it all.

    "Gypsies" is an ethnic slur given to Romani and Armenian people who migrated into Europe hundreds of years ago. Since the very beginning of there migration to Europe, they have been unfairly treated. The European prejudice against these people continues today. The fact that European media refers to them as "Gypsies" proves that they are unfairly portrayed in European media..

  • Most Poor People Are

    Gypsies get a bad reputation because the travel from place to place stirring up trouble here and there. I always found if people would just offer them a better way to live, they would not have to deal with all the nonsense that comes with people who are trying to survive in the streets. The more you shun them, the more havoc they usually raise.

  • Gypsies as a race unfairly portrayed in European media?

    I have never heard a bad representation of the Gypsies as a race in Eurpoe, I believe that if you don't like the way that you are represented as a race then change the way your race is portrayed in the eyes of other people there is always room for change in any race.

  • It's about social contributions.

    Gypsies as a race are not unfairly portrayed in the European media. There are problems such as poverty, theft, and the overuse of welfare programs that are associated with gypsy communities. It isn't an issue of race but an issue of fair contribution to society. As a group, gypsies don't seem to be living up to giving their share, according to European media.

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