Do you think Hans Asperger's medical studies were conducted ethically?

  • Yes, I think that Dr. Hans Asperger's medical trials and studies were conducted ethically.

    Nothing on the record offers even a hint of any misconduct in any the medical studies conducted by Dr. Hans Asperger. The record does reflect that he was very dedicated understanding and improving the quality of mental health care received by children. The fact that he was conscripted by the Germans put a question mark in the integrity of his studies, one that was not warranted.

  • Can't Find Anything That Says It Wasn't

    Given that I can not find anything that elicits the idea that Hans Asperger's medical studies were conducted some how unethically, I have to assume they were ethical. Hans Asperger seemed to have spent a large amount of time studying autism and its effects and even followed one boy from childhood to adulthood.

  • Despite Nazi Service, Asperger Identified Autism Disorders

    Even though Hans Asperger was forced into service in the Nazi army in World War II, the pediatrician did well to identify autistic disorders in children. Eventually, Asperger's syndrome came to be named after him as a description for kids who are loners yet very intelligent. Asperger's medical studies were ethical for the times as he was able to conduct tests on children to determine whether or not they were autistic.

  • Just trying to help

    Yes, I think that this medical researcher was using ethical methods when he performed his studies, a lot which were focused on the mental disorders in children. He was a man that was truly just trying to help people and help to cure a lot of diseases we suffer from.

  • Hans Asperger's medical studies stole information from other researcher.

    Hans Asperger used data from a Russian neurologist almost word for word. He blamed mothers for the development of the problems their children were having. He treated his patients unfairly when these children had no way to defend themselves. Some of them have written books and articles about their "therapy" with Asperger. He claimed a degree which he did not have. He was experimenting with children while he had no education or understanding of the subject.

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