Do you think hate crime laws are sufficient and provide justice?

  • Yes, hate crime laws are sufficient

    There are numerous hate crime laws on the books and they cover what needs to be covered in terms of setting high penalties for hurting someone due to their ethnicity or sexual orientation. People who think we need more laws are misguided--what we need to do is enforce the laws we do have and hold people accountable for their actions.

  • Yes, I do think hate crime laws are sufficient.

    Yes, I believe that hate crime laws work wonders when it comes to violence. We just need to expand our definition of what a hate crime is now. It's not simply white on black violence. White people are also victims of hate crimes nowadays and we need to address that problem.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe hate crime laws are sufficient and provide justice when guilty parties are tried. I believe there have been a sufficient amount enacted as a result of both blacks and gays. Some people are cruel and set a precedent to initiate new laws. I think the only problem we have in the United States is the fact that some criminals are sought out. They're left to roam the streets even though they do break laws.

  • Hate Crime Laws

    Hate crime laws establish the definition of a hate crime and give guidelines for punishments concerning hate crimes. Justice is given after the trial and verdict has been finalized, by the judge and jury. The law defines, the jury deliberates and the judge makes the final ruling, according to his/her interpretation of the law.

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