Do you think having a group of ethnicities in the community is a desirable goal?

  • The More We Disperse

    I believe the more we disperse ethnicity's and mix them the better off we will be. I believe communities can benefit from encouraging minorities to move in. The sooner we churn the melting pot, the sooner everyone will look the same. I think this is the only way we are going to be able to solve this problem.

  • Diversity Increases Peace

    Diversity in the community increases understanding among cultures and therefore increases peaceful solutions to the world's problems. A group of ethnicities helps the community bond together during holidays and festivals. Diversity in schools increases as well, which means children will be more well-rounded. More ethnicities mixing together in a community means a higher quality of life.

  • It makes for rich living.

    Yes, I think that having a group of ethnicities in the community is a desirable goal, because it makes the community that much more interesting. It is a good thing that we learn about each other. We also have the goal of integrating so that it is less likely that we have wars based on ethnicities that we do not understand.

  • Yes, having a diverse group is always beneficial.

    Yes, having a group of different ethnicities is beneficial for a community. What it does is bring new goals and ideals to a community so that people better understand different individuals. Having a single type of people in one area makes people have tunnel vision, as some may call it.

  • Fairness for all

    Racism is always going to be around, till the end of time. People judge what they can, when they can, and most of it is over pure non-sense. If we encourage people to live in “groups” it doesn’t solve the problem, rather it makes an existing problem bigger. Segregation was tried for exactly this reason, but in society today we are being overtaken by colored races. Whites matter. Yes, the past was wrong with slavery, but to still to this day rub it in the faces of whites and act superior is pure rubbish. Face it, separate the races for peace of all, whites and colors, or things like racism will continue

  • Diversity is neither good nor bad.

    A community should strive to have the best/most productive people in it. Race and ethnicity should not matter. Is having a group of 12 productive whites somehow worse than a group of 6 productive whites and 6 productive blacks? No, they are equally good. People generally group more based off of wealth and education than ethnicity. That's why whites and Asians often live together, but Asians and blacks living together are rare.

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