• Stop having so many GD kids!

    I'm not going to sugar coat it. If you have more than 2-3 kids you are a POS and a major part of the problem. What you are saying is you are more important than the planet. I cannot grasp how a person thinks this is alright. This really goes back to the baby boomers ( the generation that ruined the country and likes to claim they are a gift to the world; thank god they won't be around too much longer ).
    Basically if you want to have a large family, ADOPT!

  • It Can Be

    To me, having more than two children is somewhat selfish. When families worked to support themselves, such as the farming lifestyle, it was common to have large quantities of children because they could be brought up almost like a workforce for the parents. I don't think this idea makes sense in today's world. In fact, some believe we have problem with over population. Given the condition of society and the planet I certainly would question having a lot of children.

  • Yes,I think that having more than two children.

    I think that having more than two children is selfish.Since our repopulation obligation is just numerically replace ourselves then each couple should have no more than two children.The problem is the earth will only hold a certain number of people because of the size and the basic lack of resources.

  • To say to yourself that your genes should be replicated so many times compared to others. . .

    Is not only selfish but utterly arrogant and narcissistic which means that you probably cannot be a good parent in the long run because that is exactly what you will model for those children who will then continue the disgusting cycle. For some reason, This pandemic has made me even more irritated - probably because it has highlighted how many more supplies massive families need to survive which takes away from everyone who has taken other people, The planet and it's other occupants into consideration before deciding that their offspring deserves a spot.

  • Negative Effect On Environment

    World population is growing beyond sustainability, Despite individual countries ZPG. Extra children = drain on resources and contributing to environmental toxification. It's about the tipping point and living beyond our means. I'm hard wired to want a big family. I'm proud to have just the 1 child and see friends who are childless as contributors.

  • It Creates More Waste & That's Why Were Dying Now

    Our planet is dying because of human beings insatiable waste and greed. Human beings can only see what is directly in front of them. Many people cannot see the big picture. Population control is in order or at least some form of moral eugenics. Wasteful minds are plaguing the Earth and it isn't the fish, The birds, Or the foxes in the woods who are doing so. It is us. We must make better decisions about our future and the lives of our children. If you cannot educate, Cannot free the minds of the young, Then it is selfish to bring them into the world whose air is toxic and who's water is poison.

  • Yes it is

    I t i s s e l f i s h b e c a u s e i t i s s e l f i s h. I a m i n n o m o o d t o e x p l a i n

  • Deeply Rooted Greed

    It's beyond selfish. Parents claim it's selfless caring for another human being, But said being is one you brought in for your benefit. You made that decision and caring for your own child should be no awarded service. That is your lifeline responsibility that you created for yourself. You are not improving your odds of a "golden" child to save you financially or have the power to force them to care for you as you age. Children are not property and not guaranteed to love you in return.

    Many children from large families recieve unequal upbringings which follow into adulthood. Then they reproduce and repeat the cycle. Think of the kid first. Imagine yourself in their shoes, Are you a model parent? Are you providing that 100% (Relationships are 100%/100%) per child, Per spouse attention and love? Is your life dept free, Education complete and health intact? Is this just your ovaries, Tradition, Or do you need attention? Think of every tiny detail and everyone involved in your life. It affects each friend, Sibling, Parent, Etc. Differently. They have to adapt their lives to benefit YOU. Each child adds another adaption.
    As a childfree I've lost friends due to their multitude of babies and disbelief when I state "I'm your friend, Not your kids". They changed entirely, I did not. Therefore those actions caused this reaction. I don't need friends always begging for support, Money, Help with child events, And that I have nothing in common with anymore.

    More children = less control. Whether at dinner, Travel, Events there's always misbehaved children. It's always the poor, Dirty, Loud rugrats with parents paying no mind. The entitled "yes my child's on the floor throwing a tantrum, If you don't like it leave" are just bad for business. Bad for the community. The world's too crowded. If you don't like waiting times at the store, Movies, Amusement parks, Etc then stop having kids. You're adding to the problem. They're should be a global 2 max child law.

  • Environmentally, Genetically, And psychologically it is selfish, Narcissistic, And ignorant to believe you should produce more than two children.

    Beyond selfishness, It's rather narcissistic. Why are your genes so much more important than the rest of ours that you get to contribute more to the gene pool? Why are you and your genes so important that you get more resources than them? Our planet is dying. How selfish to further push our planet beyond it's carrying capacity because two children was not enough. Furthermore, Are you really that confident in your ability to not screw your children up emotionally? It's one thing when you contribute two psychologically messed up humans to the population but beyond that is problematic. I know few people from large families who are not psychologically messed up.

  • World is already over-populated.

    The world is already over-populated as it is. A lot of people in this world do not think about anything beyond their own selfish desires and needs. Living in this country a lot of people's arguments for having children doesn't extend beyond one thing. That is, If they can afford to financially support the children they are having then they should have as many as they want. NO.

    This is where it distinguished the selfish people and not. In this day and age, Every new person that is born is another mouth that the EARTH can no longer afford to support. That is what people like this cannot bother taking the time to think about it. It is no longer an individual decision to make.

    By having just two children it does not increase or decrease the population. 2 people created 2 more and eventually the parents will die off and only 2 will remain. Ideally, The really responsible thing to do would be to have just one or none on an already depleted earth. Having 3 or more is immediately and effectively adding to overpopulation.

    People are selfish and self-serving. Until this freedom is removed from the masses, This will never stop. I just hope I am long dead before humans are really allowed to destroy the earth.

  • Birth rates are dropping fast!

    All the talk of overpopulation and selfishness ignore a stark fact in 2019. Birth rates globally are fast approaching replacement level and will continue to fall after that. If you look at any Developed and many newly developed nations you will see birth rates below replacement. The only region experiencing real growth in numbers is Sub-Saharan Africa and even here birth rates are dropping fast and there is no reason to suspect they will not follow the same pattern as other countries. Soon we will have a majorly greying world, With huge implications for our economic growth as well as our social security systems which are designed for a large base of young workers supporting a small number of elderly. Not the reverse! Look at some numbers. A lot more people could stand to have 3 kids or more. The overpopulation myth is a relic from the 1960s when birth rates were very high.

  • No, It is not selfish.

    If you have the financial means and emotional wherewithal, By all means! Humans are not a plague on the earth--as if a pristine, Human-less earth would be a better place. There would still be natural disaster, Disease, Destruction, Etc. Furthermore, Resources are not truly fixed. The pie can be grown as a result of human technology and innovation. My only caveat--make sure you don't become miserable as a result of your large family. The world most certainly does not need more unhappy people.

  • If anything, it's altruistic

    How could it possibly be selfish to dedicate your time, space, and money on other humans, especially when they are young, when they are your family. While parts of the world, like China, the Philippines, and maybe America are overpopulated, Japan and Russia are begging their citizens to have more children as they are in a population crisis. People concerned that children will make overpopulation worse are selfish themselves. They are so worried about their place in the world, they haven't even thought about young humans who were barely even born. If they're so concerned with overpopulation, they should be the first to go. They've had a chance to see the world, why shouldn't they let the new generation in to see it?

  • No it is not selfish.

    I had 2 kids when ending my 10 year marriage. I got with a Mon whom was a widower with 4 children then we had 1 together and one on the way. Our kids are all very happy, healthy and very well taken care of. People are so judgemental. I can not believe some of the responses I have read.

  • We need to repopulate

    We are seeing that many countries aren't replacing the people they have because people aren't having enough children. This kind of thinking is why many countries in Europe are being taken over by other cultures who are having multiple children. If you can support them and raise them in a stable environment, go for it.

  • No, how is it selfish?

    Apparently people think it's selfish to have more kids thus spending more money and having less things for themselves. Having a lot of kids should be completely acceptable. Common sense says having children can't be selfish and obviously it's up to the parents how many kids they want. It's selfish that others want to have control on other people's families.

  • Having more than two children is not selfish.

    There are individuals for whom having even one child would be selfish as they cannot care for that child nor are they mentally able to provide for them, and there are some who having any less than two would be selfish. The determination should be based upon what one is able to contribute both materially and emotionally to one's child.

  • Have as many as you want

    I do not feel like it is selfish at all to have more kids. If a couple want more than two kids than they should be able to have them, given that they can support them and make sure that they get the best. I do feel like it is selfish if people have kids just to get the welfare and then they use the kids for their own means.

  • No, I don't think having more then two children is selfish.

    As long as you can financially support more then two children I have no problem with people having as many children as they wish to have, the more children you have the more chances at life you gave to people who would not have been born otherwise and could go on and change the world in a positive way.

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