• It is definiely a human right

    As someone who was homeless for many years, not by my own choosing, I can tell you that without shelter of any kind I felt terrified and alone. No one cared about me having shelter if it meant they had to actually do something about it and yet, many agree that shelter is a basic human right. I believe that for whatever reason someone is homeless, they should all have shelter. No human being can tolerate having no way to eat decent meals or being forced to stay out in the elements for too long before dying or wanting to die. At the very least, we should allow organizations to use shipping containers or make tiny houses for every single person in the world.

  • Shelter is a basic human right.

    I believe that all people, no matter how much money they have, should be able to have shelter. Everyone needs shelter at some point. Many people are dying everyday because they cannot afford a place to live. With this extremely cold weather that the United States has been having lately, that number has risen. Everyone deserves the right to have a place to rest and get away from extreme temperatures.

  • Yes I do.

    Our modality of life makes it a necessity to have shelter. Without shelter, especially in the colder climes, people are at risk for all sorts of problems. Along with food and water, shelter should be guaranteed to every human being walking the planet. We have the power to do so, so let's go.

  • I think that having shelter is a basic human right.

    I think that having shelter is a basic human right. The United States has way too many homeless people and with the restrictions that they want to place on welfare then there will be many more homeless people soon. I think that having shelter is a human right and they should have it.

  • The right to house?

    The right to shelter is not a basic human right. Everyone has the ability to provide for themselves, if they do not, we have plenty of resources that help those who are unable. Just because you are alive doesn’t and shouldn’t entitle you to shelter. When you depend on another person for your livelihood you are infringing on their rights as an individual

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