Do you think health philanthropy helps (yes) or hinders (no) the health care industry?

  • About Helping Society

    I believe health philanthropy helps the health care industry, it does not hinder it. The health care industry was rarely seen as an opportunity to make money until it was infiltrated by business men. The health care industry should be less focused on making a profit and more focused on being socially responsible. Health philanthropy helps to obtain that goal.

  • It helps people

    Health Philanthropy helps those that can not afford healthcare premiums or co-pays. You might have insurance but who is to say that you have that 20 dollars plus the cost for the prescription that the doctor is going to write you for the amount of money you have to pay for it. Not everyone can afford it all at once. If you can cut your cost in one area than you can afford it.

  • It makes us better.

    I think that health philanthropy helps the health care industry, because it gives people confidence that the health care industry is being used for good. It is a great way to help people who need help. It is also great public relations for people, because they know that their health care costs are being put to more than just profits for the big companies.

  • It definitely hinders the health care industry.

    Health philanthropy definitely hinders the health care industry and that's why they don't do more to keep people healthy themselves. If the entire body of a population was healthy then that would mean lower profits for the health care industry. In this capatilistic society, do you really seeing that being something the health care industry wants.

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