Do you think will function better this year, as promised by Obama?

  • Yes, will function better this year. is bound to function better this year because the designers had the experience of failing so hard last year. If the government is bound to pour money into anything, it's something that will lessen the damage to politician's egos and reputation, so Obama has some serious incentive to make sure the site works.

  • The Website is Sure To Improve Somewhat

    The website will certainly get better as the managers behind it have more time to sort it out and make it work. It will probably not function perfectly, this year or any year. Government projects, including websites, are known to be dysfunctional. The first year, however, was exceptionally bad and will probably not be repeated.

  • I believe will funtion better this year

    I do believe that Healthcare.giv will function better this year as opposed to last year because they have had more time to work on the issues that have been brought to their attention by users. I do still think that there will be other problems that come up with the site and they will need to continue to improve the site on a case by case basis.

  • I don't think so

    I wish there was a solution to this but I don't think there is. With new technology comes a price and nobody knows where to get the money. I have a a few friends who migrated from Canada because of their healthcare system, taxes are 50%. I am hoping with more urgent care centers people will stop using the ER as their primary physician but costs are still going up and there is really no way to stop it.

  • ObamaCare will not be able to stand up to its promises for a second yard in a row!

    Obama Care currently has too many unresolved issues from the previous year, making this second year in the running a complete disaster. Many insurance companies are not completely on board, doctors offices are not impressed with the outcome and there are now more people in the United States going without medical coverage than ever before. Many people do not know all they rights, they do not know all the options and are unaware that their income tax return will be significantly reduced in the coming years to pay for their medical that many are now paying for each month as well.

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