Do you think Hezbollah represents the attitudes of Islam in general?

  • Yes I do

    Until a couple of years ago, I would have said no and that most muslims are moderate and would not be on board with groups such as Hezbollah. But this isn't the case, if you read the polls. Most "moderate" Muslims side with the extremists, and by quite a margin.

  • No, it is a single organization

    No single organization represents Islam as a whole. Just like with Christianity, there are differing ways people view and interpret the beliefs of Islam. To say that Hezbollah represents the attitudes of Islam as a religion is to overstate the influence of the organization and lend it more authority than it deserves.

  • No Hezbollah does not represent the general attitudes of Islam.

    Hezbollah is an Islamic militant group and political party which does represent the general attitudes of the religion of Islam and its followers (Muslims). In fact a survey conducted in 2010 of Muslims found that 84% of Sunni Muslims have an unfavorable opinion of Hezbollah and it terrorist type operations.

  • No, the group is alone

    I think they represent a group of people that want actions that most of the world would not be for. You can't group them into everyone thoughts when you think about the world as a whole. i am not on par with what they want to do to Islam, I am sure others are not as well.

  • No one represents the whole

    It's unfair to group an entire population with one out spoken bunch which happens to be in their same religion. That would be like saying all Christians have the same attitudes and beliefs as the Westboro Baptist Church, that's completely untrue and would hurt many Christians if they heard that. Saying Hezbollah represents the attitudes of Islam in general is saying the same thing.

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