• She would be a good president

    Hillary Clinton is smart, savvy and worthy of trust. She would make a good future president. Let's face it, most politicians are not trustworthy. I think we have a pretty good sense of her trust problem, but compared to other candidates, at least we know what we'd be getting. She doesn't have multiple marriages, former roommates trashing her, a history of bankruptcies or a tendency to make up things and treat them as absolute.

  • Hillary Clinton is not a trustworthy future president.

    Hillary Clinton has lied publicly on many occasions, has changed her opinions on issues to try to garner respect, and has hidden documents illegally. Hillary Clinton exhibits none of the qualities of a leader and is not trustworthy. She has lied about being under sniper fire and has retracted many public statements every time she is caught in a lie.

  • Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy

    Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy as a future president. This is because of the Benghazi scandal and the scandals that plagued her during her husband's presidency and governorship. The worst scandals are the ones dealing with sexual harassment and assault allegations by various women. Mrs. Clinton spoke against these women.

  • Hillary Clinton, political views aside, is not a trustworthy person.

    Whether or not one agrees with Clinton, they can acknowledge that she is not an open, trustworthy person. Her personality reflects her audience, and her views are ever-changing to reflect what she feels will benefit her the most. The private email server either contains information that would harm her should it come out, or she willfully chooses to leave people in the dark. She is a good politician, and may be fit for the presidency, but she is not above lying.

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