Do you think Hillary Clinton was honest about the way she handled her emails?

  • Yes, I think she was honest.

    Hillary is a positician, not an IT professional. While it does not take an IT professional to correctly handle e-mails, it is not unusual for older people for whom it is not their main job description to make some major mistakes when it comes to computers. It is only suprising that we do not here about more of these things.

  • Hilary Clinton dishonest

    I do not believe that Hilary Clinton has been honest in the way that she has handled her e-mails. Although the FBI have decided not to press charges this is far from a ringing endorsement for the way that she has handled confidential and sensitive governmental material by using a personal account.

  • No, Hillary Clinton was absolutely not honest about the manner in which she handled her emails.

    No, Hillary Clinton was not honest about the manner in which she handled her emails. While FBI director James Comey chose not to refer her for charges, he still revealed evidence that everything she has claimed about her emails during her campaign has been a lie. Mrs. Clinton has a history of lying, and this is just the latest example.

  • Hillary's Handling of Emails was not only dishonest, put also illegal.

    Hillary Clinton deserved to serve jail time. I say this not as some ultra-conservative Republican, nor as a die hard Bernie supporter, but as an independent with very little prior bias. The simple fact is that anyone else would have been indicted. I interned within the government. I have multiple friends who either work for the government or for government contractors. Each and every one of them has said the same thing: "if that was me, I would be in jail."

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