Do you think hipsters are considered conformists?

Asked by: HavenKross
  • Yes, they are conforming to current culture.

    Yes, hipsters are considered conformists, because in their nonconformity, they are conforming. Hipsters are only being true to what is considered vogue today. To be truly independent, there should not be enough of a group for them to earn a name like hipsters. Hipsters are only following the latest trends and should not be taken seriously.

  • Everybody conforms to something

    Some people choose to conform to the main stream culture. Hipsters pride themselves on not conforming to the main stream. But in doing so, so conform to their hipster culture of "non conformity", thus doing what they pride themselves on not doing: Conforming. Pretty simple I guess...Everyone conforms to one thing or another..Even if it's "non conformity".

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