Do you think Hispanics will be the next ethnic group in Los Angeles to riot as blacks did in 1992?

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  • No, because hispanics in LA are accepted

    Hispanics in LA will not riot like blacks did in 1992, because, in my opinion, LA, as well as most of CA has become much safer, and more culturally accepting in the last 22 years. If Hispanics were to riot, what would it be for? What would it accomplish? Even if Hispanic people were to riot - certainly not all of them would - it would just be needless violence.

  • Expecting another riot is unfounded

    There is no reason to believe that Hispanics, or any other ethnic group for that matter, would riot simply because it has happened in the past. Trying to reason that there will be another riot simply because there has been one in the past is an example of circular reasoning.

  • Won't be more

    There likely won't be more riots like the riots in 1992 in LA. Hispanics, while a large part of the state of California, have not really rioted much in the US, while blacks have a Civil Rights Era history in rioting and fighting for rights - something that came to a head during the King beating in 92.

  • Race Riots Have Toned Down

    If a race riot was going to happen, it should have happened after the George Zimmerman trial in the death of Trayvon Martin. America has learned since 1992. Perhaps it was because there were no cameras that caught Martin's death on television. The Rodney King riots were in direct connection to the horrendous beating captured by a man's video camera. White officers pummeled King and were acquitted. I would like to think we have learned our lessons since 1992.

  • I Doubt It

    I have my doubts Hispanics will be the next ethnic group in Los Angeles to riot as blacks did in 1992. In fact, I don't believe we'll see race riots any time soon within the United States. I think the possibility of riots in the future would be more likely to include low income workers raising up against the corporations that take advantage of them.

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