• Yes: I Think Holly Bobo is Dead

    Holly Bobo has been missing for three years at the time of writing this. Given the interconnected society in which we live, it is very unlikely that she would still be alive and not have been picked up by a financial transaction, a chance encounter, or a video camera. Her story has gotten a lot of attention, and the odds are, she would have been spotted by now. None the less, her loved ones should keep up their search until the are satisfied with the outcome.

  • Unfortunately I do

    I am not saying for certain that she is dead, and hope that she makes a safe return but, unfortunately, in cases like this the person is usually dead. It's statistical probability. It's such a shame when you see a case like this. No one deserves to go out in such misery.

  • Yes, Holly Bobo is dead.

    I think that Holly Bobo is dead. I do not think that there are any reason to think otherwise. It is clear that all evidence seems to point to the conclusion that Holly Bobo is dead. Why anybody would think otherwise is beyond me. If somebody can prove evidence he isn't dead then that would be amazing.

  • I think Holly Bobo is ot ndead.

    I think Holly Bobo is not dead. Holly Bobo has been missing since 2011. She was last seen by her brother walking into the woods with a man wearing camouflage. Her family has been desperately searching for her since 2011. The Tennessee Bureau of investigation as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation have not been able to find Holly Bobo, but have recently made an arrest of a man i connection with the case. The TBI and FBI both believe that Holly Bobo is still alive so there is some hope that she is not dead.

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